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Mark-N“Toni is dangerous. If you want your life to stay as it is, stop reading now.”


Chasing Sunrise

Chasing Sunrise It would be another 20 minutes before the sun had risen fully and we were walking along the boardwalk that led to a lookout overhanging the ocean. We were chasing the sunrise and our eyes were glued to light beginning to show behind the line of dark grey clouds sitting on the horizon. We…


Stranded at the Wedding Station – 36 years on

Stranded at the Wedding Station  – 36 years on Many years ago my father came to me to express his concern that my (then) 19 year old daughter was planning to marry. This is what he said to me: “She’s too young, she’ll miss out on all the adventures she could have, her life will be…


If This Were A Gift, What Would it Be?

If this were a gift, what would it be? In my quest to walk through life as a recipient of goodness rather than hobbling along with my old victim mentality I need to avail myself of inspiration wherever I can get it. We’ve been lucky to have been handed many inspirational and life-changing nuggets as…