Have Happier Relationships


a surprising and refreshingly honest workshop about the stuff that really matters

You’ll leave with simple ways to create & enjoy happier relationships



“Brilliant, funny, wise – the science blew me away.”

Siobhan Barter, Editor, Brisbane

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This entertaining workshop is a mix of:

cutting edge science

real life story

simple practices

That, together, will change how you relate to others.

You’ll also be surprised by  the many ways you may inadvertently communicate the wrong message to those you love.

“The class gave me a different perspective on behaviours that I thought were normal which were in fact damaging to my relationships.”

Tenielle Nichols, Admin Officer, Brisbane



My name is Toni Powell and I love communicating about ways you can easily create happier relationships

I’ve researched the subject for over 38 years – it’s a passion!

If you like reading find out all about me here

PS: I’m also easily bored and generally dislike attending workshops because I don’t like sleeping in public – this workshop is designed to keep someone like me interested.




Strong, connected relationships are one of the things most likely to ensure a healthy long life.

Good relationships make life worth living and awful ones suck the life out of you.

You’ll leave with a much broader understanding of yourself and others, and lots of simple ways to create happier relationships – it’s easier than you think.


•  Understanding how our brains see and how that impacts our relationships

•  The four things that will destroy your relationships

•  The #1 way to improve any relationship

•  How to build trust

•  The surprising science on what makes relationships wonderful

•  How memory works and why that matters

•  The simple and easy ways to increase connection and bonding

•  How you’re killing the happiness of those around you

•  What happens when you respond to ‘random interactions’


Join Toni for an unforgettable day that will change how you experience relationships

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”Committing to learning about how you can do relationships better is so worth it. Thank you Phil and Toni.”

Kylie Readman, Director, Centre for Support and Advancement of Learning,  Sunshine Coast University

“Love it, love it, love it – don’t change a thing about The Relationship Lifeclass!”

Tracey Jenkinson, Wellbeing Coordinator, St Lucia State School, Brisbane

“Toni gives an entertaining and honest look at relationships…why they can be so hard and some simple ways to make them better. A great mix of anecdotes, research, fun, moving short films and practical exercises. A great workshop for anyone to attend.”

Michele Hill, Psychologist, Sunshine Coast

“What I learned today has given me a deeper understanding of not only my relationships with my loved ones, friends and colleagues, but also with myself.”

Cheryl Spring, Teacher Aide, Woombye

“Kapow! We started off the day with a bang and it just kept coming. What an amazing insight into relationships in general. Skills and stories that you can carry into every relationship. Thanks Toni.” 

Sean Andrews, Opera Singer, Brisbane

“Excellent, enjoyable and funny.

An honest, down-to-earth, achievable, practical, and well-researched relationship class.”

Leesa Herman, Naturopath, Brisbane

”A great day that reminds you how precious your relationships are and how important your contribution to the relationship’s success is.”

Jan Bramley, Nurse, Tinbeerwah

“Toni’s quietly powerful and insightful teaching comes with a deep compassionate appreciation of the human condition. She warmly and generously shares her insights and wisdom in this rich and rewarding workshop.”

Tony Barry, Actor and Activist, Byron Bay

“Wow, the stand that Toni makes for world change in relationships makes me want to be more accountable for changing the world too. Keep up the awesome job.”

Hayden Bennet, Carpenter, Brisbane





Q: “I’ve attended another class with you, will I hear new material in this class?”

A: “Yes you will. We’ve also moved some material across to the new class so that we have time to do it justice and are able to give you all the info rather than skip through it quickly.

Q:  “I’m worried there’ll be lots of group or couples work at the class, will there?”

A: “Rest assured – the classes are very unthreatening, we are very careful not to put people into situations where they feel compelled to share or be in a group when they prefer not to.”