Snow angelA Generous Angel




A week ago a friend came over. She’s 65, recently divorced, caring for her elderly mother and out of work. I know she has very little in the way of savings yet she gave me an incredible gift. She gave me $1,000 toward the book I’m self-publishing shortly. She knew we didn’t have the funds and she thinks it’s a book the world needs to have.


My dear friend also gave me a copy of Dr Suess’s ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go’ – to encourage me to keep going and not give up.

Her generosity astounds me. Her friendship astounds me. The timing astounds me.

My husband and I had just decided that this dream was impossible, that we couldn’t keep going on such an expensive project while my husband is out of work. I was feeling hopeless and along she came, scattering her hope into our lives.

I am so grateful for her insane act of generosity, for giving when she has need of that money herself. People can be angels and I have an angel for a friend. Thanks to her we can start on the graphic design, exactly the place we are up to.

Who has been generous to you? Who has bought you hope? Who has stepped in at just the right time?  Comment below, I would love to hear.


  1. Truly a wonderful random act of generosity and kindness and one which comes with rewards for both parties. As an outsider to this wonderful situation, I feel happy to receive this and appreciate the spirit.

  2. My wonderful husband gave me two very lovely, but rather extravagant gifts for Christmas this year. Being the worry wart of the family, I felt it was more than we could afford, so I returned all my presents to the stores the following week. When the store manager asked me why I didnt want the gifts, and I replied it was just too much money to spend on me, she gave me a little lecture on valuing myself more, which of course made me walk away feeling quite sorry for myself but still resolved to putting the money back into the bank. A week later my lovely sister in law found a very sneaky way to thank me for a favour I had done; she bought the beautiful bottle of perfume I had returned and put $200 into an envelope to spend as we wanted!!!! Now I have my Christmas presents and I’m loving them …. So grateful for a spoiling I just couldn’t justify.

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