The Great Full Life Class: Gratitude and other stuff that makes life AMAZING!

An online course

The perfect mix of cutting edge science, real life story, and simple solutions. This simple and practical online class will put more laughter, hope, wonder and enjoyment in your life. What’s not to love about this class?

be happier • grow contentment • enjoy your life


Hi, I’m Toni – sometime filmmaker, author, recovering worrywart, and terribly cheeky storyteller/speaker.

I do interesting things – ABC Australian Story even did an episode on me.

After a couple of big life-meltdowns and a year of darkness, I was desperate to get some meaning, fun, and satisfaction back into my life.

So I did what curious people do – I went on a quest. This led me to the lounge rooms of some of the world’s top neuroscientists, psychologists, happiness researchers and gratitude gurus. What I learned transformed my life.

The Great Full Life Class allows you to take that journey too

You want more happiness? I make finding happiness simple, personal, and engaging.

I use beautiful engaging visuals, short film, stories, the latest scientific research, everyday language, and even a few surprises to communicate a whole load of cool stuff.

reduce stress and anxiety • learn to laugh at your worries

  • I have completed your wonderful ‘The Great Full Life Class’ and I truly loved every single minute of it! It has helped me in so many ways and having an insight into your lives has been fantastic! The inspiring videos, quotes, life stories and of course the YELLOW CAR have all helped me through some tricky times in my life over the past few weeks/months and they will stay with me for life!  You should both be so proud of the effort put in to create such an amazing and life changing class!

    Emma Lucas, Student, Victoria
  • Petrea King, author and founder, Quest for Life Centre “In Toni’s workshop you’ll learn more about yourself and the power of a grateful heart than you can possibly imagine, the class is compelling. Toni is a brilliant and engaging storyteller, her authenticity and passion shines through everything she does.”

    Petrea King – Author, Speaker CEO & Founder Quest for Life Foundation
  • Majella“For myself, this workshop was filled with wide-eyed ‘aha’ moments, Toni’s course was a soul-brightening, heart-opening experience.”

    Majella McMahon, Fashion Stylist / Journalist
  • Peter-Middle”One year down the track I now know that what I learned at Toni’s class has changed so many areas of my life, it is crazy. What she teaches about is like a wonder-drug, it’s magic, everyone should do this course!” 

    Peter Middleton – IT industry,  Brisbane
  • saskia-Burmiester“Toni’s class is brave, enlightening and fun. It brightened my life.”  

    Saskia Bermeister, Actor

significantly raise your happiness levels • gain increased satisfaction immediately

This online class is designed to give you simple, life-changing and practical tools to help you live with more enjoyment, contentment and ease in your everyday life. When you use these tools they make a difference pretty much immediately.

So tell me more about this course

  • Six weekly modules
  • Lifetime access – learn in your own time
  • Videos are short, entertaining & visually stimulating
  • Multiple short videos each week.
  • Weekly reminder email
  • Sum Up video each week with overview of concepts
  • Admission to The Yellow Car group, a private FB group full of course attendees and graduates who help and support one another.
  • Happiness guarantee within 30 days of purchase

Just a few of the topics covered include:

  • How priming affects us each day
  • Basic brain science
  • What Gratitude is and what it is not
  • Psychological blind spots
  • Why we are unhappy
  • How memory works and why that matters
  • The incredible science behind gratitude
  • Words that can change your life
  • Rewriting your history
  • How to easily reduce depression
  • One practice that changes everything
  • How complaint affects your brain
  • The #1 relationship builder
  • The secrets of sustainable long term happiness
  • Taming your inner Worrywart
  • Savouring skills
  • …  and much more.

Only $195 to change each of your days to come

I want to change my life!

I wanted to make a class that delivers tools that an anxious, worrywart or depressed person like I was, could actually do (as in actually take home, actually apply and actually enjoy doing)

There’ll be no fluff

I’m not a fan of fluff,  woo woo, or too much sentimentality. If you’re like me you don’t want sunbeams and puppies – they make you want to run out the door gagging. You and I, we need stuff that works, simple practical things we can easily fit into our day.

This is a fluff free, practical class.

There will be science and stories

I like science – I have to know why things work.  In the last four years I have been making a documentary and personally interviewed many of the world leaders in brain science, psychology, gratitude research, happiness research and yeah, you get the picture.

I ask questions and now I have answers.

If you want practical simple answers then The Great Full Life Class is for you!

  • “Toni’s approach brings a grounded, real, and practical way to encourage new thoughts and behaviours. It is like having great therapy and more!” 

    Kym Thomas – Recovery Facilitator – Brisbane
  • “I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is about your workshop that sets it apart. I have read a lot about the “stuff” that you refer to and I have read a lot of books on the “power of positive thinking”. Books written by Drs with fancy degrees and books written by famous religious leaders. But there is something in the way you have managed to sum it all up and deliver it in an entertaining and inspiring 6 hrs that is truly awesome and powerful.”

    Michelle Scally – Sunshine Coast
  • “You are such an engaging speaker, today was just wonderful!” 

    Jane Slaughter – Brisbane
  • “ I could have listened forever, it was inspiring, motivating, and entertaining” 

    Tricia Beams – Brisbane
  • “I have been trained to be cynical but I came along and was amazed to find how applicable this information was to me.” 

    Polly Marsden – Brisbane
  • “This has been really eye-opening, and has been a great wake up call for my own life” 

    Marguerite Cuddihy – Brisbane
  • “I found it invaluable” 

    Sonia Baker – Brisbane

I want to change my life!