Toni Powell teaches what every manager wishes their team knew

(and also wishes their partners, friends, parents and, especially, their teenage daughters knew)







“…a real treat of a day..”

“If you want to give your staff a real treat of a day then Toni Powell needs to be on top of your list. This day was transformative for our staff and highly valued by everyone who participated.”

Petrea King – Founder of Quest for Life Foundation


My name is Toni Powell and I have a gift for storytelling. I’m also an author, recovering worrywart, mother, grandmother and was once the subject of an ABC Australian Story episode. I speak regularly at conferences and events such as Happiness and Its Causes and The Positive Schools Conference where I’m well received because I’m pretty funny, make complicated science easy to understand and teach simple, practical take-home tools.

My popular professional development sessions are sought by business and government because the after-effect is usually real, tangible change in the culture of the workplace as well as in the personal lives of the attendees.


My entertaining professional development sessions & workshops are a mix of cutting edge science, real life stories and simple practices that, when practiced, change almost every area of life.

I’m a pretty curious person and when a few simple practices changed my life dramatically I wanted to know why. My research took me overseas into the lives and homes of many of the world leaders in happiness, neuroscience, psychology, self-help and also gratitude research.

I got to meet, and in most cases interview, many of my heroes like Brene Brown, Shawn Achor, Brother David and Gretchen Rubin. The science I’ve learned along the way is fascinating and I could, literally, talk for days without exhausting the amazing things I’ve learned just about gratitude let alone all the other areas.

It’s exciting stuff.

My speciality is making complex science easily understood, funny and memorable. I also teach incredibly simple tools that can be used and understood by almost anyone over the age of ten.

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 “Excellent, Inspired, loved it…..”

 “Excellent, Inspired, loved it.  Exactly the wake up call I need as a husband and father and corporate leader.  I want to ‘infect’ our business with gratitude.”

 Andrew Fisher, Head of HR, BMC (BHP Billiton Asset Group)



A great basis for change is to understand how our brains work – obvious when you think about it. This is usually where I start because I know for me, and for thousands of others who’ve been through my programs, understanding your brain makes sense out of the way you behave. You begin to see just how you ended up in the place you are now – especially emotionally.

When we begin to understand ourselves and our reactions it gives us the power to make very simple changes that suddenly make a whole lot of sense.

As we make these changes our lives improve and this ripples into the environment around us – and a workplace that’s a ripple effect right through the relationships in the staff team and these ripples are also felt in the homes of your staff.

Understanding how our brains work totally changes our approach to life, emotions, mental health and relationships.

“…your presentation makes me believe anything is possible.”

“Thank you Toni, the day was inspiring and enjoyable, thank you for sharing your message in such a down to earth and unique way, it will stay with me as l share it with my family and staff, your presentation makes me believe anything is possible.”

Christine McLennan, Manager, Australia Post



I’m very flexible and will happily adapt my material to address the relevant issues for your workplace

Below are most frequently booked professsional development workshops/sessions. My workshops can be tailored to your time availability (thought the Relationship one needs at least three hours) – I can do whole day workshops or shorter ones as needed.  I can even come and do a keynote at a special event.

ADDITIONALLY: I have a number of post workshop programs that offer very effective ways to continue the impact and teaching of the workshops over a longer period.

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shutterstock HAPPY SMILE


Learn about the wonder-drug that’s more powerful than you can imagine.

This is an exciting program full of engaging, science-based content and simple, easy, practices that have an impact in almost every area of life.

When a team in a workplace begin to understand the power of gratitude and take on the practices the impact is profound.

While gratitude is the central theme this workshop is broad and covers many life skills that, when understood and practiced, contribute to resilience; reduce depression, anxiety and stress; improve brain function and also significantly improve physical health. As a tool to increase the brain’s ability to gain more flexible and engaged thinking there is nothing quite as effective as gratitude.

Drawing from real life experience and years of research I’ll help expand your staff’s understanding of what gratitude actually is, what happiness is (and how to access it immediately) and how these everyday terms can quickly surprise us with their ability to impact every area of our lives from the health of our immune system to the health of our relationships.

Outcomes include:

staff retention, improved relationships, happier workplace, less complaint and criticism, less stress and depression as well as increased productivity and accelerated learning.…



“One little word, one big world of change. I was stunned by how quickly gratitude changed almost every area of my life.” 

Toni Powell


With everyone you know! This workshop impacts relationship in the workplace and also in the home life of the attendees.

This unique and unexpected workshop takes attendees on a journey that starts with Harvard’s research into what makes life worth living (good relationships) and moves on to how the brain sees, how memory works and then through to the fascinating areas of why we think we’re right and how, not only don’t we really understand why others do things, we barely understand our own motives. This workshop is pertinent to all relationships.

This science gives a solid basis for all the practices and wisdom to come and allows people to see their own role in relationship breakdown. Behaviours that are considered normal are often, unwittingly, very destructive and attendees leave with great tools to build trust and improve every relationship they have.

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This is a raw, open, honest class that has people laughing one minute and in tears the next. Highly engaging and packed with practical solutions. If complaining is an issue in your team – this is the workshop for you.

Outcomes include:

higher levels of courtesy, increased trust, less gossip, increased kindness, increased job satisfaction, less bullying, calmer problem solving, reduced conflict, better relationships at home and at work.

“We’re forever expecting people to think like us, and when they disagree with us we automatically assume that they must be wrong. The expectation of eventual agreement to our ‘right’ side causes endless conflict.”


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Or another name for this workshop could be ‘How to Stress Less and Enjoy More’

I think it’s imperative that we begin to find more effective ways to deal with the ongoing issues of stress, anxiety and depression. These are some of the key issues faced by our society these days with expected onset age of mental illness plummeting

This training has broad appeal and is pertinent to all as most of us are stressed and anxious to some degree or are close to someone who has challenges in this area.

The Yellow Car session is a riveting and funny workshop that will change the way your team handle problems when they crop up and also leave your workplace a much calmer place.

The beauty of my suggested practices is that they can be easily passed on to the family and friends of those attending.

Outcomes include:

less stress leave, calmer and happier staff, increased flexibility in thinking and problem solving, better relationships, increased immunity and less sickness

“We’re led to believe that situations, other people, lack of finances and the like cause us stress when actually how we experience stress has more to do with the way we think about those things than the things themselves.”


Positively disrupt how your staff do their jobs, live their lives and experience their relationships.

“This workshop has been inspiring for our team that attended. To see the changes in our conversation and written communications has been truly encouraging and something that I am personally very grateful for.”

Gavin Keats National Sales Manager, Network Communications

“Was not a marketing or selling of a concept, it was a palette, a brush and paint and the choice to do something. Very personal, humbling and thought provoking. A smorgasboard of real life, relatable concepts and ideas but underpinned by science.”

Michael Rosengren, COO, KJM Consulting

“Toni is a consummate story teller – people stop and listen. There is humour, sadness, honesty and passion in her presentations.”

Martine Rimmer – Facilitator, Qld Police Service, Brisbane


“All in all, Toni’s workshop is like having heart surgery – you feel like a new and different person afterwards – and its life changing – and life giving.” 

Rod Hopping, Director – Heritage HM

“I loved that this was not a pumped-up “motivational” style presentation, but rather low-key, simple and (frankly) quite beautiful.  You kept my attention for the whole day. The sharing of your personal story Toni made the information and wisdom you had to share immeasurably more meaningful/powerful/acceptable.”

Matt Parr, Audioligist, Hear and Say

“An honest, challenging and triumphant celebration of how we can powerfully change our own lives for the better.”

              Kylie Readman – Director  Centre for Support and Advancement of Learning & Teaching,
Sunshine Coast University.