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Toni Powell presents funny, transformational, and life-enhancing workshops

about the stuff that really matters.

” ….groundbreaking material.”


“Our entire staff participated in workshops facilitated by Toni around the theme of gratitude and it was fantastic! The information presented had depth and substance and the manner in which it was presented by Toni added credibility to what is ground breaking material. The feedback from staff has been universally positive and there was so much ‘takeaway’  for people, from personal reflection, to  greater understanding of group dynamics and potential for professional engagement with the material as teachers. Amazing research and insightful storytelling worked together seamlessly and it is certainly a presentation that would greatly benefit any group who engages with it. “

Mr Patrick Toohey. Assistant Principal – Sienna Catholic College


  • “All in all, Toni’s workshop is like having heart surgery – you feel like a new and different person afterwards – and its life changing – and life giving.” 

    Rod Hopping, Director – Heritage HM
  • “This workshop has been inspiring for our team that attended. To see the changes in our conversation and written communications has been truly encouraging and something that I am personally very grateful for.” 

    Gavin Keats National Sales Manager, Network Communications
  • “I would love to have made it mandatory for all my staff.”

    Marilyn Bradford, Divisional Administrator- University of Alberta
  • “I was at the in-service yesterday with the behaviour team – and wow Toni your presentation  just totally amazed me – I work for a Positive Learning Centre (in behaviour) so we do a LOT of positive reinforcement – but yesterday wow – it showed me so much MORE – I just love everything you did & shared – and I’d just like to say a HUGE thank you for your realness, your stories – it was the best in-service I’ve ever been to – – you’re a true GEM!!!”

    Karen Bowler – Metro North Behaviour Services
  • “If you want to give your staff a real treat of a day then Toni Powell needs to be on top of your list. This day was transformative for our staff and highly valued by everyone who participated.”

    Petrea King – Founder of Quest for Life Foundation




Toni offers entertaining and practical classes that are a mix of cutting edge science, real life story and simple solutions. These workshops are  backed by years of research into how the brain works.


Toni has personally interviewed many of the world leaders in the areas of gratitude and happiness research, neuroscience, psychology and cultural anthropology and created highly engaging and memorable workshops.




More positive mindset

Positive solution oriented teams

Improved creativity

Improved staff relationships

Better relationships at home

Chronic pain reduction

Improved quality of sleep

Increased job satisfaction

Emotionally and physically resilient workforce

Reduced staff complaint

Enhanced self esteem

Growing personal contentment

Happier and more productive workplaces

Increasing sales

Reduction in stress & depression rates

Enthusiasm and passion improvements

Better physical and emotional health (less sick days!)

Lower blood pressure



 •  Understanding how our brains  work

•  The simple tools to increase focus and attention

•  Making your brain 33% more productive

 • How memory works and why that matters

•  How complaint affects your brain

•  What really motivates people

•  The incredible science behind gratitude

•  Words that can change your life

•  How to turn negative stress into positive challenge

•  Rewriting your history and the power of story

•  The number one way to build trust and better relationship

•  What successful people know about happiness and how to get it

•  and much more…



  • “Thank you Toni, the day was inspiring and enjoyable, thank you for sharing your message in such a down to earth and unique way, it will stay with me as l share it with my family and staff, your presentation makes me believe anything is possible.

    on makes me believe anything is possible.”

    Christine McLennan, Manager Australia Post
  • “I loved that this was not a pumped-up “motivational” style presentation, but rather low-key, simple and (frankly) quite beautiful.  You kept my attention for the whole day. The sharing of your personal story Toni made the information and wisdom you had to share immeasurably more meaningful/powerful/acceptable.”

    Matt Parr – Audioligist – Hear and Say
  • “Thank you Toni, the day was quite impacting for me, you have an amazing presence when you are in front of a group, and a fantastic sense of humour (right up my alley).”

    Jane Wilmott

Different to ordinary workplace training or staff development Toni brings less of a workshop and more of a CLASS IN LIFE that has impact on every area of the attendees life – including work.

Many workshops promise change, few are able to deliver life-changing content that is unforgettable. Even fewer are able to deliver practices so alluring that people want to use them every day. Toni’s  programs deliver both.

Treat your staff to a day that will have long-lasting outcomes in all areas of their lives

Toni’s workshops will positively disrupt how attendees do life, do business, and conduct relationships.






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All of Toni’s programs can be individually tailored to suit the needs of your team. Shoot her an email and we can find a solution that will be wonderful.

Email: speakerATtonipowellDOTme

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