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Creating powerful change in lives and relationships.

A lifetime spent seeking answers, truths and a better way of ‘doing’ life, coupled for a low tolerance for BS, has lead Toni to a set of simple revelations that can change the way we live. Toni is an entertaining and gifted storyteller communicating a unique mix of cutting edge brain science, personal stories, and simple practices that will cut through to help make an immediate difference in people’s lives.

Keynote Speaker, Personal Development Facilitator, Relationship Changer.

Toni is passionate about passing on simple tools for creating better relationships, increasing resilience, decreasing stress and negativity and helping your staff get more out of life.

From smoother meetings and increased productivity to less time on stress leave – everything is improved when relationships are working the way they should, people are optimistic and your team have tools that make them resilient in the face of change and difficulty.

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  • Happier Relationships with Everyone You Know
  • Stress Less, Enjoy More
  • Gratitude – The Wonder Drug
  • Staying Strong in The Face of Change

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New book just Released – What a Feeling!

Grab your copy of Toni’s newest book – it’s a surprising book about the stuff that really matters.

‘Smartly funny and candid. A must read’

Shawn Achor

New York Times best selling author of ‘The Happiness Advantage’ and ‘Before Happiness’

What a Feeling!

Finding love, freedom and the good life through creating great relationships.

272 pages, soft cover


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The Yellow Car: How I Stopped Driving Myself Crazy.

72 pages, soft cover


A true story starring one little car, one simple concept and an unforgettable life change.

Perhaps the shortest self-help book ever.


Gratitude Adventure

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30 emails over 90 days full of life changing content.

A simple action to take that will help you see the world differently.

Toni Powell

Find out why thousands of ordinary people, businesses, schools, and families have been profoundly changed by Toni’s unique vision of life, gratitude, relationships and what it is to be human.