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Toni is passionate about everyone having the tools to improve their own lives

Meet Toni Powell author, speaker, recovering worrywart and mother. She is a captivating presenter with a gift for storytelling.

Toni speaks regularly at conferences and events such as Happiness and Its Causes and The Positive Schools Conference. She is well received because she has a funny disarming style. Toni makes complicated science easy to understand and applicable. Toni teaches simple, practical take-home tools.

Her workplace professional development sessions are popular and sought by schools, corporates and government.

Toni loves to pass on simple tools for creating better relationships, increasing resilience, decreasing stress and negativity. This is helping individuals get more out of life.

Toni’s workshops are really classes in life skills.

As one BHP leader put it: “Toni’s work is a smorgasboard of real life, relatable concepts and ideas, underpinned by science”.

Toni Powell’s new book ‘What A Feeling!’ is a relationship book like no other. It’s been greeted with rave reviews and even guys like reading it. This book has come out of a 40 year fascination with relationships and what makes people tick. It follows Toni’s story as she delves into science to find out why two devastating relationship breakups happened. The results are surprising, freeing and sometimes funny.

She’s spent years researching the subjects of relationships, happiness and gratitude and has personally met, spoken to and often interviewed the world leaders in this field such as Brene Brown, Shawn Achor, Br David, Michelle Gielan and Gretchen Rubin.

Her quirky little book ‘The Yellow Car – How I stopped driving myself crazy’  is a life-changing illustrated book that is being widely used to help people deal with stress and anxiety. Check out the short animated version of the story.

Toni was the subject of an ABC ‘Australian Story’ documentary episode called ‘Let There Be Light’

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