Meet Toni Powell


She’s an author, TEDx speaker, mentor, mother, relationship buff, recovering worrywart, social entrepreneur and wife…


Toni is also passionate about post traumatic growth both personally and, more recently, how we can do that as a community.

And she’s also the single best person to help you acknowledge and work through the big issues affecting your workplace or your life.

With her funny, disarming style she cuts right to the core of the ways we self-sabotage and allow our brains to trick us into a lifetime of stress. What Toni teaches is hard- hitting, scientifically backed life development- and if she was any less engaging, it could be difficult to swallow.

This is the core of how she works- to deliver the information we need, in a way that also lets it be the wisdom we want. She is a speaker who is passionate about individual development in creating effective relationships- how we can work on ourselves, in order to develop the personal and professional bonds we all need to thrive.

Toni covers challenging topics, that inspire us to reflect on our own role in the lives we create. Her knowledge is not for the faint hearted- it combines multidisciplinary research with a genuine belief that we can be the determining creative force in our own lives.


Her books, The Yellow Car and What a Feeling! dive straight to the essence of our human capacities to overthink, to create blind spots in our perceptions of the world around us, and to allow past trauma to affect our current and future realities. Toni’s gift is to be able to express the often laughable ways that we as people trap ourselves into lives of worry, fear and stress- and then to invite us to see these behaviours in our own lives, rather than only in each other’s.


A very short show-reel of Toni speaking at various events.


The Power of Words – TEDx

An entertaining look at the very rocky start to her marriage and the role words played in changing everything

We all have what it takes to create great, full lives and rich relationships in every area – from the boardroom to the lounge room – especially if we can have a good laugh while we do it. Toni’s own journey along very rocky relationship roads inspire hope that, even when relationships seem doomed, there can be a future.

Toni is a popular keynote speaker at conferences of all sizes including Happiness and its Causes, and the Positive Schools Conference.

Toni was the subject of an ABC ‘Australian Story’ documentary episode called ‘Let There Be Light’   You can see more of Toni in the Media click here


contact Toni:  toniATtonipowellDOTme