Meet Toni Powell

Toni Powell is one of the most recognised & enjoyed positive culture/wellbeing communicators in Australia.
She’s an award-winning filmmaker, TEDx speaker, author and is wizard at helping people to stop driving themselves crazy with worry and stress.
We never know what life will bring, and Toni’s proof that failure, trauma, stress and disaster can be a fantastic springboard to better things and that you can overcome almost anything with a few simple tools.
In a former life Toni was founder and director of the uplifting Heart of Gold International Film Festival – an event so magical that she and the festival were the subject of a heartwarming episode of ABC’s Australian Story called ‘Let there be Light’.

Her books, The Yellow Car and What a Feeling! dive straight to the essence of our human capacities to overthink, to create blind spots in our perceptions of the world around us, and to allow past trauma to affect our current and future realities.

Toni’s gift is to be able to express the, often laughable, ways that we trap ourselves into lives of worry, fear and stress – and then to invite us to see these behaviours in our own lives, rather than only in each other’s.

A very short show-reel of Toni speaking at various events.


& Other Strung Out People

A short talk by Toni at Brisbane Writers Festival

In 2019 Goalcast released an edited version of one of Toni’s talks and it has over 14 million views.  Yes her grandkids (who call her Noni) will be hearing her swear in that talk.


contact Toni:  toniATtonipowellDOTme