Happiness Adventure 



WHY a Happiness Adventure?

After a year of frightening and debilitating depression I wanted to change the way my mind worked  – and I did. However what I really wished for was someone to help me know what to do to speed up that process.

Later on I created this program – the one that I wished I’d had. 

Completing this program will fast track new neural pathways and give you the positive outlook you are looking for. It’s magic.


WHAT is it?

You’ll receive 30 emails over 90 days (an email every three days) full of life changing content.

Each email has a practical Adventure for you to go on – this is something you do such as a simple action. Each Adventure can be done in around 10 minutes.

Each Adventure is designed to help rewire your brain so that you begin to experience life in a more positive frame of mind and you’ll notice your happiness increasing and increasing over the 90 days.

The Adventures are simple and easy to do and, for most, you can do them with your family.


Do as little or as much as you’d like!

If you’ve got more time, I’ve packed the emails full of extra content – including book and film recommendations, lots of articles, TED talks, videos or short films that have to do with the subject of the email.

I also include

  • journaling ideas
  • happiness boosters
  • ‘good memory joggers’
  • extended explanations
  • science (yes, real science)
  • personal learnings
  • and a whole lot of goodness!

“Wow! What an adventure this has been! So enjoyable and interesting and yet so powerful! I would recommend this as an essential program for adults and children to help see things differently.”

L Callaghan – Teacher,  Assisi College

Are you ready to start your adventure?

Start your 90 day journey today for only $98 AUD

“The knock at the door that should have unraveled me was greeted with gratitude thanks to Toni. Her Happiness Adventure Course was so good for the mind, the heart and while scientifically based it can all be practically applied… It’s an investment that will last a lifetime.”

Sam Dewhurst, Monostory, Sydney

Why take a Happiness Adventure?

Social media, books, advertising, and even TV series and movies are constantly giving us messages that leave us dissatisfied with how we look, what we own, where we live, who we are and what we have achieved. The news is full of bad news, scary stories and disaster. And life – it’s hard, painful and often very confusing!

It’s easy, very, very easy to get a bit lost, to get sad, to become afraid, depressed or lonely and lose connection with joy, awe, wonder and happiness.

This course is designed to re-connect you.

Simple and Easy

The course is inspiring, informative, enjoyable and above all, simple and easy. Full of practical ideas that you can action and change your life.

Take a 90 day adventure into happiness – you’ll be happy, happy that you did.


The Happiness Adventure is Life Changing


“I was a little dubious when my husband bought me your Adventure at your last workshop in Buderim.  I thought I would NEVER have time to read the emails.  But, as I got into them, I started to look forward to my 3-mornings-a-week of beautiful and inspiring vignettes.  I especially enjoyed the short films.”

Felicia Coleman, Sunshine Coast


Are you ready to start your adventure?

Start your 90 day journey today for only $98 AUD

“Thank you for all you have done, the content of your Adventure Course was amazing really uplifting and thought provoking.”

Sarah McNeice, BHP-Billiton

“The course is invaluable. Knowing myself as well as I do, there was no doubt that I was going to need Toni’s lessons to help keep me on track and focused. The Adventure Course is a stroke of brilliance!”

Michelle Scally, Brisbane, Australia

“The Happiness Adventure Course is like having an at-home happiness coach!”

J Tyler, USA