Toni’s Coached Programs

Steph McDonald
Service Director, Leadership Institute (WA Dept Ed)

“Thank you Toni, your program is beautifully sophisticated in design and so gentle and non-judgemental in its delivery. It provides a very safe vehicle to engage with life changing introspection.”

Claire Brown
Executive Director, The Avid Program, Victoria University

“The course was pragmatic, fun, funny, poignant.

All the principals agree that this course has increased our emotional intelligence and equipped us with strategies that are extremely valuable in navigating complex relationships that occur within and outside of schools. I cannot recommend Toni Powell highly enough.

GP, Owner Mornington Skin Clinics & The Wellness Manor

“Toni’s Happy Healthy course is a life-changing program that has surpassed any of the self-help books, medication or therapies that I have ever come across. Toni Powell has really hit on something that is achievable and will change your life. She actually has a plan that works.”

Vern Hilditch
Senior Principal, Wodonga College
“The Happy, Healthy program is extremely powerful and has lasting effects especially in managing a leadership and school culture, this is a program I would recommend to any leadership team.
It was enormously helpful in helping me react to life and its challenges. It helped explain why people behave in certain ways and changed how I respond to them.”
Adriano Truscott
Principal, Fremantle Primary School

“I have had a long and growing interest in wellbeing and happiness, but I have never found any resource, be it a book, course, practice or guru, that has had such an affect on my day to day practice of being a better person.  

 I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to take part in what is more than a course, it’s a life changing process. Toni you’ve helped me enormously be a better dad, partner, son, friend, stranger and principal.”

Christine Brown

“From the very first session I have been pleased to find that this is a course full of practical strategies that have had an immediate impact on my wellbeing.

Interacting with Toni and the other Principals is a highlight of my week.”

Hilary Saunders
Principal, Yule Brook College
“The best professional learning is evidence based, engaging and gives you practical strategies to use what you learn. This course is all this and more.
I have looked forward to each week’s new content and the weekly zoom chats with Toni and the group.
You don’t need to be unhappy or unhealthy to sign up, but you will be both happier and healthier by the end of the course.”
Tim Sewell
Principal Advisor, Pilbara Regional Office

“My experience through the Happy Healthy Principals program has provided a new lens for the way I view and react to all manner of life’s curveballs and events, both personally and professionally. 


I wish I had this understanding and knowledge before stepping into leadership, and before becoming a parent!”

Kelvin Shem
Principal, Roebuck Primary School
“The course cleverly, carefully and powerfully but most importantly, safely allows you to unpack the many layers of the personal attributes for leadership through your own lens. 
It flips your way of thinking.”
Dan McCormack
Principal,  Eastern Goldfields College

“Toni Powell – is engaging and extremely well prepared. She is thought provoking, entertaining and I have looked forward to each session. The participants in this group are very responsive which I think that is a reflection of Toni’s skills in running the program.”

Nicky Kupfer
Circus Performer, London
 “So much gratitude to Toni and her humorous creative way to share information, that is so relative to and changes everything in our life”.
Sheridan Stewart
Presenter ABC Radio, Sunshine Coast, Author
“Toni’s superpower is that her teaching style and material are so delightful, engaging, and fun that you soon discover profound change can be achieved with a little effort and a lot of laughter!”
Karen Davidson
Counsellor, Palmwoods

“In a nutshell, I have found this course to be highly motivating, extremely thought provoking, inspiring, energy charged and challenging.

The course structure and content is compelling, extremely well researched and supported by perfectly timed images, graphics and film clips to keep the participant totally engaged in the content at all times.

I loved the journey this course took me on”

Nicole Anderson
Principal, Boyare Primary School

“Thank you Toni for changing the way I approach leadership and lead my life.


This transformative but entertaining course has led to a happier, healthier culture in my school and a deeper understanding of brain science and behaviour.


Simple, transferable skills that make a big impact!”

Paula Hooper
Principal, Applecross Primary School 

 “I felt this course to be unique right from the start with Toni’s creative and engaging content inspiring relaxed yet meaningful discussions. This extraordinary course works on so many levels, Happy Healthy Principals course has simply brightened up my life”.

Maree Cribbes
Campus Principal, Wodonga Middle Years College

“The learning I had during this course about myself personally and about the behaviours of others was phenomenal.


I was encouraged to read more widely and challenge my own thoughts and beliefs. I am a better leader, friend, wife, mother and colleague as a result!”

Kylie Anderson
Deputy Principal, Cannonvale State School

“I first enrolled in this course to help my team with anxiety during Covid. Little did I know that I was about to change my own life and well-being as I learnt the secret to happiness on my journey to support others. As a leader I use the practical suggestions from the course to understand what is important and how best to approach problems in a calm and positive way.”

Jane Wescott
Principal, Treeby Primary

“My participation in Toni’s program was incredibly beneficial. l learned such simple things that have permeated, without effort, every area of my life. The joyous balance of humour, real-life examples and honest reflection made the program a highlight of my week.”

Natasha Dinek
Treasure Books, Melbourne

“I simply cannot even begin to explain how much my world has changed since doing the course. It helped me open my eyes and invite all the good into my life. felt like someone slapped me in the face, like someone WOKE ME UP!”