Goodness Gracious Me – The Documentary


Sharing Wisdom


phil filming san francisco 0ptimisedThe practice of gratitude is so simple and yet so life changing, it is our desire to share this wisdom with as many people as possible.

Documentaries are an effective and wonderful way to share wisdom so we are in the midst of making one!

Our film, currently on hold, has interviews with some of the world leaders and inspirational world changers in the fields of gratitude research, brain science, psychology, happiness and the spiritual life.

There will also be personal stories from those who have learned to live life more richly through the practice of gratitude.  Those sharing their wisdom come from all walks and experiences including housewives, bloggers, actors, musicians, students, teachers and authors.


The Adventure So Far:

Over the past few years we’ve interviewed many people. At one stage we spent 7 weeks in the USA and Canada interviewing a few of those extraordinary people.  This was a journey beyond anything we had imagined…   it ended up being more like a spiritual pilgrimage than a film shoot.  The people we met were wonderful and it was a great privilege to speak with each of them. Check out just some of the people we have talked to so far:


The Interviews


At the moment we are in the final interview phase and thought you might like to meet a few of the wonderful people we are interviewing..  as we have been doing the interviews we are feeling incredibly privileged to be able to hear, first hand, some of discoveries and wisdom these people are sharing.


Every one of these people, and others not yet listed, give their time with great generosity and are taking a leap of faith by trusting us.

Thank you!



Brother David Steindl-Rast

Founder – A Network for Grateful Living

brother david phil toni CROPPED

Gretchin Rubin

 Author – The Happiness Project

gretchin rubin photo

Matthieu Ricard

Author, Monk, Photographer, Scientist

mattieu ricard

Olivia Newton-John

Actress, Singer, Wellness Guru

olivia newton john - web

Dr John Medina

Author of Brain Rules – Scientist

john medina web

Chip Conley

CEO AirBnb, Author Emotional Equations

chip web

Dr James Gordon

Expert in PSTD and author Unstuck

james gordon dr

Dr John Arden

Author of Rewire Your Brain

john arden web

Emiliana – Simon-Thomas

Science Director – Greater Good Science Centre

emiliana - web

Pam Vredevelt

Author and Social Worker

pam vredevelt web

Jonathan Richman


jonathan richman web

Angeles Arrien

Cultural Anthropologist & Author Living in Gratitude

angeles arrien web

Chuck Roppel

Chairman – A network for Grateful Living & Mental Health expert

chuck roppel web

Elise Ballard

Author Epiphany

elise ballard web


Anthony Chavez

Youth Activist and board of Cesar Chevaz Foundation

anthony chavez web

Martina Sheehan & Susan Pearce

Founders of Mindgardener & co-authors Wired for Life

martina and susan web

The Tutu Man


tutu man