Toni Powell – Enrolment

Congratulations on your decision to participate in Happy Healthy You!  I’m thrilled to have you join us and look forward to sharing an exciting journey with you.

To secure your spot in this program, please complete the agreement below and then you’ll be invoiced.


1. I understand that this program and the related coaching is comprehensive in that it deals with all areas of my life including work, health, education, relationships, and more. I acknowledge that deciding on how to handle these areas and implementing my decisions remains my exclusive responsibility. 2. I commit to keeping all personal information shared by participants in the coaching sessions absolutely confidential. 3. I will not use this program and the related coaching as a substitute for psychotherapy or substance abuse treatment. I realise that this program and the related coaching are not done by a licensed mental health professional. 4. I want to ‘play full out’ and do the work to improve my life including watching the weekly core videos and doing the homework. 5. I commit to being wholehearted during the live coaching sessions (I won’t be playing on my phone, checking my email etc) and I’ll be attentive when others are sharing.