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I mentioned or quoted many great teachers/authors/influencers in ‘What A Feeling!’ though I only got to touch on their work. Here is a whole page devoted to the resources they have on offer so that you can learn from their wisdom.

This list is not in any particular order – Phil and I hope you find this page very useful and that what you discover here is helpful to you.


If you’ve finished reading ‘What A Feeling! you will already know that I am a fan of Shawn Achor and Michelle Gielan. Their books have been quite influential in my life – check out my booklist. You can visit their website Goodthink or, to access an array of great videos, just click the pic of the lovely pair.

I’ve included Shawn’s great TED talk on my Happiness page and if you’re interested in upping your problem solving abilities then you’ll want to watch Michelle’s talk here.


Oh my goodness, you’re in for a treat when you visit Dr John’s website because he has loads of funny, brilliant short videos about his work. I think his book ‘Brain Rules’ should be required reading for all humans. He has other books on babies and on ageing, you can find them in my booklist.


Not only do I love Dr Tavris’ book ‘Mistakes Were Made(but not by me)’ see my booklist, I really love this lady’s style. You can see three of Carol’s great lectures here:

‘Who’s Lying? Who’s self justifying?’

‘Mistakes Were Made (but not by me)’

‘Mistakes Were Made: For Good Reason’


Co-author with Tavris’ on thebook ‘Mistakes Were Made(but not by me)’ Aronson is one of the most distinguished social psychologists in the world. This man deserves all the accolades he’s had in his life- there have been many. Now you can spend one glorious hour with him too.

‘The Power of Self-Persuasion’

Or you can listen in on ‘A Conversation with Elliot Aronson’

Check out Aronson’s books on my booklist.


Visit Dr John Gottman’s blog and find loads of articles and many more resources on his website. It’s a treasure trove of practical wisdom for anyone wanting to improve their relationships. You’ll also find that he has written many, many books beyond the ones I have mentioned in my book – you can find them here: booklist.

This article on Emotionally Intelligent Husbands is very interesting or find out more about Bids for Attention in this great article.


I think Maya Angelou is one of the greats. If you aren’t acquainted with her work then there are many pleasant surprises in store for you. She’s has done so many things and was accomplished in a wide range of skills – a poet, songwriter, author, actor, director and activist – to name a few. She was a journalist in Ghana and Egypt during the decolonisation of Africa, she’s been awarded about 50 honorary degrees, has won numerous awards and changed the lives of many.  She used her interesting life to help others and worked tirelessly for human rights.

Seven of her books were autobiographical in nature and make compelling reading – I include them on my booklist. She was bold, fierce, wise and compassionate and I’m terribly saddened by the fact she is no longer with us on earth. She has been a huge influence in my life.

Here is just one of MANY great videos you’ll find if you go looking. ‘Love Liberates’


Dr Dan has absolutely tons of stuff to keep you occupied for hours, even weeks. He has a load of great videos on parenting.

I include just two of his TED talks – there are more. Check out Dr Dan and Goldie Hawn in this TED talk on mindfulness for children.This TED talk is about Compassion and Education. 

He also has a great many books and I’ve listed them in my booklist.


George Vaillant was once a director of the Grant Study, the fabulous Harvard study I mention in chapter one of ‘What A Feeling!’. You can find out more about the men in the Grant Study by listening to this great TED talk by George.

‘From Emotionally Crippled to Loving Personality’

George wrote widely on a range of topics over his career and I’ll include some of his more recent works in my booklist.

You’ll also find out more on the Grant Study at Harvard’s own website about it.



I think everyone is now acquainted with the wonderful Brene Brown – if not, start here and watch her wonderful TED talk on vulnerability.  There are few more videos here on her website. Brene has four great books that you’ll find on my booklist.


You’ll recall me talking about the book, His Needs/Her Needs, that we read 12 years into our marriage – a book that was helpful to us yet offended some of our friends (it was quite conservative even then). The book was by this man, Willard F Harley.  He has a website now called Marriagebuilders and there is, at a quick glance, a vast array of advice and resources about marriage – most of it given freely which I find very refreshing. Apart from the Emotional Needs questionnaire (that I mention in the book) I haven’t looked into or used his other resources.

My understanding is that this Harley’s work has a traditional values base – this may appeal to you, and it may not.



I’ve met Mattieu many times and he is a smart, funny, humble man who is great company and he has a bonus French accent. Author of many books and renowned as the happiest man in the world. He also takes some of the most stunning photographs you’ll ever see.

This hour long Google Tech Talk by Mattieu is called Change Your Mind, Change Your Brain

I have included his wonderful TED talk on my Happiness page and you can find more resources here on his website.