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HAPPY, HEALTHY PRINCIPALS is a proven wellbeing program that offers a fresh, fun way for principals and deputies to do better at LIFE –  both personally and professionally.

No, we’re not talking about some fluffy, feel good woo-hoo, this program is solidly based in BRAIN SCIENCE and includes exclusive interviews with some of the world’s leading wellbeing experts.

“I have had a long and growing interest in wellbeing and happiness, yet I have never found any resource, be it a book, course, practice or guru, that has had such an affect on my day to day practice of being a better person.”


Happy Healthy Principals is powerful mix of small group coaching and fun online course

This flexible program is designed to be enjoyed.  Weekly online small group coaching sessions keep everyone motivated and engaged as they discuss all their ‘aha’ moments from the previous weeks videos. Questions are answered, ideas are discussed and a lot of laughter is shared.

While the program typically runs over eight weeks during a term it can be adapted to run for a shorter longer period if needed.

“The learning I had during this course about myself personally and about the behaviours of others was phenomenal. I feel that I am a better leader, friend, wife, mother and colleague as a result”

Maree Cribbes – Campus Principal, Wodonga Middle School College

A positive knock-on effect to school culture

This unique and entertaining program offers crazily simple skills that positively transform how school leaders operate in the world – in every aspect of their lives.

As these skills begin to pay their enormous dividends for the principals and deputies the knock on effect begins to impact school culture and morale, enthusiasm and energy rapidly improve.

“The course cleverly, carefully and powerfully but most importantly, safely allows you to unpack the many layers of the personal attributes for leadership through your own lens.  It flips your way of thinking.”

Kelvin Shem  – Principal, Roebuck Primary School

Commonly Reported Benefits

Significant reduction in stress

Happier and more satisfied

Improved emotional control

More resilient

Increase in tolerance and patience 

Reduced depression & anxiety

Increased engagement & enthusiasm

More creative and productive

Considerable growth in empathy

A more positive culture

Experts on board

Toni has personally interviewed world renowned experts in the areas of happiness, wellness, workplace culture and performance. Insightful snippets from these one-on-one interviews provide a solid foundation for the course.

Gretchen Rubin

Bestselling author of The Happiness Project

Dr. James Gordon

World leader in PTSD and bestselling author Unstuck

Dr. John Arden

Bestselling author Rewire Your Brain & The Brain Bible

Brother David Steindl-Rast

Popular TED speaker, author and speaker

Chip Conley

Bestselling author Emotional Equations & Wisdom at Work

Emeliana Simon-Thomas

Science Director @ Greater Good Science Centre

Dr. Brenda Wade

World renowned author & teacher on relationships

Prof. Phil Watkins

Leading researcher in positive psychology


Author international bestseller Brain Rules

So Who Is Toni Powell?

As an expert on happiness, good relationships, wellness and creating positive workplace culture Toni’s wisdom is in hot demand. She works with schools, universities and companies all over Australia and is a Learning Partner with Queensland Association of School Principals (Qassp), AVID Australia (Vic Uni) and IEC’s Workplace Wellness programs.

Her popular masterclasses and keynote talks have been featured at many conferences including Happiness & Its Causes, TEDx and The Workplace Wellness conference. Toni’s Goalcast talk has over 20 million views and she’s also been the subject of a heart-warming ABC ‘Australian Story’ episode.

Happier Principals Have This to Say:

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Renowned for her entertaining & transformative workshops Toni has successfully translated the engagement, fun and ‘aha’s of the live events to an easy, humorous and engaging online format.

Drawing on her time as a filmmaker Toni has created 31 bite-sized videos packed full of science, snippets of interviews with experts, humour, real life stories and practical take-aways.

Principals watch the videos in their own time – which usually takes 30-45 min a week. Included in each week are a range of optional videos that enrich the course or might be included for their entertainment value

With each video participants build understanding,  strengthen their best assets, find new ways to approach problems and discover how to fuel better performance while stressing less.  Feel free to make contact if you have any questions about how the program works.

Happy, Healthy Principals Program

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