Simple tools that build team

harmony and resilience

Toni Powell's groundbreaking


Are different to anything you or your team has experienced before.


Toni’s approach to everything is that it first has to be FUN and highly enjoyable – we learn best when we have fun.

Next everything has to be SIMPLE and easy to achieve – stressed, busy and burned out people don’t have time or brain power to take on much so change should be almost effortless.

Most importantly programs have to have to EFFECTIVE. Toni’s work is renowned for tangible change over the long term.

The mix of lived experience and science has proven to be  easily remembered and easily used by previous participants which makes it LIVEABLE.

“Toni worked briefly with our leadership team. The effect was profound.

A year later 50% of my team had still made long lasting changes to the way they relate.”

Geoff Dick – Regional Manager, Westpac Commercial, Sunshine Coast


Happy Healthy Programs – Wellbeing, Happiness and Overcoming Crap

How To Have Better Relationships with Everyone You Know

The Yellow Car – How to Stop Driving Yourself Crazy

Using Failure for Fortune


Through these programs Toni offers a fresh, fun way for you and your team to do better at LIFE – every aspect, both personally and professionally.

No, we’re not talking about some fluffy, feel good woo-hoo, this program is solidly based in BRAIN SCIENCE and offers crazily simple skills that positively transform how you operate in the world. Not only will this program change how you lead and work, it will also improve your family life.

Experts on board

The HAPPY HEALTHY PROGRAM includes unique interview footage with some of the world’s leading wellbeing, happiness and neuroscience experts.

Other interviews include bestselling authors, a cultural anthropologist, everyday people living with extremely challenging life circumstances and even a spiritual leader.

Gretchen Rubin

Bestselling author of The Happiness Project

Dr. James Gordon

World leader in PTSD and bestselling author Unstuck

Dr. John Arden

Bestselling author Rewire Your Brain & The Brain Bible

Brother David Steindl-Rast

Popular TED speaker, author and speaker

Chip Conley

Bestselling author Emotional Equations & Wisdom at Work

Emeliana Simon-Thomas

Science Director @ Greater Good Science Centre

Dr. Brenda Wade

World renowned author & teacher on relationships

Prof. Phil Watkins

Leading researcher in positive psychology


Author international bestseller Brain Rules

Commonly Reported Benefits

Significant reduction in stress

Happier and more satisfied

Improved emotional control

Increased empathy

More resilient

Reduced depression & anxiety

Growth in patience & tolerance

Increased engagement & enthusiasm

More creative and productive

A more positive culture

“Thank you Toni for changing the way I approach leadership and lead my life. This transformative but entertaining course has led to a happier, healthier culture in my school and a deeper understanding of brain science and behaviour.  Small, simple, transferable skills that make a big impact!”

Nicole Anderson – Principal, Boyare Primary School


Toni specialises in interactive, fun, and surprising in-house workshops.

Toni offers half, full and two day in-house workshops which can be either wellbeing and happiness themed or relationship themed. Both programs will help improve relationships and wellbeing


An enjoyable online course paired with weekly group coaching sessions over Zoom. 

In this gentle, fun and surprisingly effective program Toni pairs a online course with weekly small group coaching over Zoom. Course videos average 10 min each and are watched in between the weekly 60-75 min coaching sessions with Toni.


Toni offers a range of highly engaging and fun virtual sessions.

Typically virtual sessions run from 30 min to three hours and can be delivered on a range of topics. Just let Toni know the issues you need solved and she’ll design a bespoke session for you.

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