I don’t know where to find the course material that I purchased.

LOGIN to your account and go to the MEMBERS area at the top left of any page. You then click on the green link icon on the image of each weeks lessons.  If you are unable to access the MY ACCOUNT page once you login please clear your browsers cache and try again.

How to clear your browsers cache:

To clear the cache on your Browser, CLICK HERE.

Make sure your browser is updated.

We strongly recommend using Google Chrome as it has always been working perfectly for us 🙂

My password does not seem to work what do I do now?

You can change your password via the “Lost Password” link under the ACCOUNT section of the navigation menu under the heading Toni Powell. Sometimes your browsers ‘cache’ remembers your old password and pastes it in even when you have reset your password and typed in your new one. You might want to empty your browsers cache or use a different browser.

Other log in issues:

Please have cookies and popups enabled for as the login window is a popup.

When logging in remember to tick the terms and conditions box or you cannot access the site. 

If you tick the “remember” box it will add a cookie so that you don’t have to do this again.

Once logged in and cookies are activated you should not have to log in again, and bookmaking the various week pages should mean that you can easily find your way.

iPad viewing issues:

The green link symbol on the page is not a lock but the link to that weeks videos. 

Please click this and wait a moment for it to load – it can take a while depending on your data allowance, speed of internet etc

The first additional video “Let There Be Light” seems to not load on iPads/some phones – we have contacted the ABC but we don’t have control over that one, just skip it if you’ve tried a few times without success or try it on a laptop or computer.

The video playback is buffering, freezing and/or stopping.

Please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Clear your browser cache/Reset your browser
  • Try a different internet browser
  • Try updating your internet browser
  • Try restarting your computer
  • Try restarting your modem or router
  • Try updating your flash player

I can’t pay using my credit card.

We occasionally have people with credit card issues and we have a solution for you. Some banks have card restriction on International purchases. Although we broadcast around the world, our head office is actually located in Australia and has an Australian bank account. Your bank is likely recognizing this and placing a restriction on your purchase to protect you against fraud. From here you have a couple of options:

  1. Process your payment using PayPal (you can still use your credit card here as it goes through a different gateway) Select to pay with a credit card.
  2. Contact your bank and give them permission to approve the transaction, you will then be able to place your order online with us using your credit card.

If you are trying to order and are getting an error message that says “Action failed” or “Refresh page” you may need to empty the cache on your browser or update your browser. The most common error that can occur is often tied to a credit card issue with the bank or the address information being entered during the check out process. Our system is designed to do address verification, it checks that the address entered during check out matches what the bank has on file.

If you still have problems please call or email us and we will take the order over the phone.

How do I unsubscribe?

You can unsubscribe via a link at the bottom of any email that we send you.