Toni Powell 




  An entertaining and gifted storyteller communicating a unique mix of cutting edge brain science, personal stories, and simple practices that create powerful change in lives and relationships.

Keynote Speaker || Workplace Wonderworker

Inspiring, cheeky, frank and down to earth – just what you’re wishing for!


Happier Teachers, Happier Kids, Happier Principal

Highly engaging, memorable and profound personal development that produces change both at home and at work.

Parent nights and sessions with senior students also offered.

The Yellow Car Book


A funny, true story that gives readers an instant way to handle worry and stress.

 You can order the book here.

Staff Personal Development

Behaviour and culture changing personal development for small and large business, corporates, schools and government.

Post class reports indicate that, among other positive effects, workplace complaint, cliques and gossip drop off – what’s not to love about that? Click here

Online Magic

An online course that puts the zing back into your life.

Invite Toni to come hang out in your living room! The videos are so personal people report that they talk back to the videos – nicely of course!