This raw and funny workshop will help you make your life more wonderful


The workshop suits anyone wanting to get more out of life and increase their own ability to access joy.


“The amazing research and insightful storytelling worked together seamlessly. This class is fantastic.”

Patrick Toohey, Asst Principal, Siena Catholic College

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Contrary to what media would have us believe happiness and enjoyment are skills we can all develop and grow in.

These are simple skills that anyone can learn.

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I am the luckiest…  I got to meet, and often personally interview, many of world leaders in happiness research, brain science and positive psychology… including hanging out with Brene Brown!

I’ve packed this class with all the exciting and fascinating science these wonderful people have taught me.

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Understanding how your brain works totally changes your approach to life, emotions, mental health and relationships – no matter your line of work.

You’ll take home brain based, practical, and quick ways to change how you experience your life.

“Toni’s workshop is highly entertaining and its content is life changing.”

Christine Buschmann – Consultant, Sunshine Coast


My name is Toni Powell and I love helping people get happier.

I’m also an author, recovering worrywart, mother, grandmother and was once the subject of an ABC Australian Story episode.

If you like reading find out all about me here

PS: I’m easily bored and generally dislike attending workshops because I don’t like sleeping in public – this workshop is designed to keep someone like me interested.



•  Understanding the plastic nature of our brains.

•  7 practices to change your life

•  The #1 way to instantly increase happiness

•  What’s really behind all your negative stress

•  The surprising science behind gratitude

•  How to laugh at your worries

•  The reasons most of us are dissatisfied

•  Ways to deal with the pain in our past

•  The power of story

•  The secret to enjoying life

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 Learn more about life, gratitude, and the simple keys to happiness



This workshop was born out of my battle with depression and a the constant white noise of low-key anxiety.

The impact that these tools (including gratitude) had on my depression was what drove me to research the science behind it… and there is a ton of science indicating that these practices impact depression and anxiety. Check out James’ video – he’ll tell you more.

“This workshop is really practical and a joy to attend.”

Elise Alexander, Brisbane

“If you think you know all about gratitude, think again.

The content of this class was enlightening.” 

Sean Andrews, Opera Singer, Brisbane

“Came in with doubts, thinking it would be cute and I’d just go along with it. It was anything but.”

Adam Husband, Heritage HM, Sunshine Coast

 “One year down the track I now know that what I learned at Toni’s class has changed so many areas of my life, it’s crazy. What she teaches is magic, it’s like a wonder-drug. Everyone should do this course.”  

Peter Middleton, IT,  Brisbane


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”I was really impressed by Toni’s honest, engaging, warm delivery and the amount of research supporting her personal stories and observations. I left feeling empowered.”

Lucinda Dean, Freelance Writer & Creative, Noosa

“I lost my wonderful husband to stomach cancer 7 months ago after a short illness. This period of my life haunts me. I need to change my mindset and this class was perfect.”

Terry Moloney, Neonatal Nurse, Brisbane

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Q: “Who is this workshop suitable for?”

A: This class is quite unusual in that it seems to have equal appeal to old and young, all levels of education (we’ve had neuroscientists and high school kids in the same workshop) and all sorts of backgrounds and careers. Because the class is delivered in a simple story based way, yet backed with loads of science, everyone can easily relate to it. Interestingly men love it as much as women. This class is for anyone who wants to have a more satisfying & happy life.

Q: “So a teenager could attend?”

A: “We’ve had plenty of teenagers along to the workshop – most have loved it.

Q:  “I’m worried I’ll have to interact with strangers or speak publicly – will I?

A: “Rest assured –  you won’t be compelled to share publicly or be in a group when you prefer not to. There are a few interactive activities during the day (not too many) and people only partake if they want to. You won’t be alone if you sit things out.”

Q:  “i’ve been to your Relationship workshop, will the material be the same?”

A: “There is almost no cross over of content between the classes though you will learn a lot more about gratitude which was touched on in the Relationship class. Both classes are independent of each other yet complement each other.”