Below are outlines of some of Toni’s most frequently booked personal development workshops/sessions which can be tailored to address relevant issues and fit in with time slots you have available from keynote to whole day.

Additionally, Toni has created a range of post workshop programs that offer very effective ways to continue the impact and teaching of the workshops over a longer period.

Creating Better Relationships Workshop

The Secret to Happiness Workshop

The Yellow Car Stress Less Workshop

Leading for Positive Culture



This unique and unexpected workshop takes attendees on a journey that starts with Harvard’s research into what makes life worth living (good relationships) and moves on to how the brain sees, how memory works and then through to the fascinating areas of why we think we’re right and how, not only don’t we really understand why others do things, we barely understand our own motives.

The workshop then covers a range of ways to build trust and bonding. This workshop is pertinent to all relationships.

Shorter versions make for a very interactive and fun keynote.


Outcomes include:

  • Higher levels of courtesy
  • Increased trust, kindness and job satisfaction
  • Less bullying, blaming and excuses
  • Calmer negotiations
  • Reduced conflict, gossiping and complaint
  • Better relationships at home and at work.

Values, culture & behaviour:

This workshops will serve to build many positive behaviours as it provides relationships strengthening tools people enjoy practicing. These practices build loyalty, trust and higher degrees of integrity/honesty.

The workshop creates room for a more respectful workplace culture as attendees gain new insight into the behaviour and motives of others. Everyone is inspired to be a better version of themselves and friction between colleagues is naturally reduced.

Bonus benefits:

It is common for attendees to experience enhanced relationships in every area of life resulting in happier and less stressed staff.

 “We’re forever expecting people to think like us, and when they disagree with us we automatically assume that they must be wrong. The expectation of eventual agreement to our ‘right’ side causes endless conflict.”

Toni Powell

“…your presentation makes me believe anything is possible.”

“Thank you Toni, the day was inspiring and enjoyable, thank you for sharing your message in such a down to earth and unique way, it will stay with me as l share it with my family and staff, your presentation makes me believe anything is possible.”

Christine McLennan, Manager, Australia Post



Learn about the wonder-drug that’s more powerful than you can imagine.

This is an exciting program full of engaging, science-based content and simple, easy, practices that have an impact in almost every area of life.

When a workplace begins to take on these practices the impact is profound and long lasting.

While HAPPINESS is the central theme this workshop is broad and covers many life skills.

Outcomes include:

  • Reduced stress, depression and anxiety
  • Happier, more resilient workforce
  • Improved brain function and productivity
  • Improved physical health, sleep and wellbeing
  • Pro-active problem solving
  • More focus, positivity and contribution
  • Less complaint

Values, culture and behaviour

This workshop and the practices will help your staff to value other people. The impact of increased appreciation of one another on the behaviour and culture in a workplace is profound. Every area of business improves when collaboration, courtesy increase and people feel valued.

Bonus benefits:

Again, home-life is positively impacted – and happier staff are more flexible in their thinking, more open to change and more likely to be wholly engaged and give their best.

“Excellent, Inspired, loved it…..”

“Excellent, Inspired, loved it. Exactly the wake up call I need as a husband and father and corporate leader.  I want to ‘infect’ our business with gratitude.”

Andrew Fisher, Head of HR, BMC (BHP Billiton Asset Group)


This is a fun workshop designed for workplaces experiencing tension and change.

Attendees will understand more about why things are difficult for them and take home some incredibly quick ways to change how they’re thinking.

A broad range of tools to help attendees make the most out of any situation will be imparted. They’ll be able to use these tools in every aspect of their lives.





Outcomes include:

  • Increased flexibility in thinking
  • Better problem solving
  • Resilient in the face of change
  • More likely to view change positively
  • More positive outlook on all aspects of life
  • Able to put worries aside instantly

Culture, values and behaviour

Toni gets constant reports that this workshop gives the team a common saying to instantly calm and cheer each other. The positive effect of this workshop is still evident years later. Staff grow more tolerant and workplace stress is dramatically reduced.


Bonus Benefits:

Everyone teaches these skills to their kids!


“So much of what we invest emotional energy into is a waste of that energy. Once we become aware of ‘wasting’ our energy on fruitless exercises, like worry, we free up a lot of headspace and begin to solve our problems.”

Toni Powell

“Some of the best PD…”

“The feedback across the school was very positive with many commenting it was some of the best PD they had ever participated in.” 

Stephen Adams – Principal, Talara Primary College


After years of working with culture and leaders Toni saw the need to equip leaders to create great culture themselves

This can be a workshop for a day or a more intensive ten week program that can be delivered over Zoom if your company is not local.

Leaders will be challenged to step up their personal growth, increase their relationship skills, understand their own leadership style and learn to create a psychologically safe workplace.


Outcomes include:

  • Less stress leave
  • Calmer and happier staff
  • Increased immunity
  • More bonded and committed team
  • More positive approach to difficulties
  • Staff retention
  • Better relationships at work and home

The same Bonus Benefits and impact on culture, values and behaviour as for the two previous workshops.

Positively disrupt how your staff do their jobs, live their lives and experience their relationships.

“This workshop has been inspiring for our team that attended. To see the changes in our conversation and written communications has been truly encouraging and something that I am personally very grateful for.”

Gavin Keats National Sales Manager, Network Communications

“Was not a marketing or selling of a concept, it was a palette, a brush and paint and the choice to do something. Very personal, humbling and thought provoking. A smorgasboard of real life, relatable concepts and ideas but underpinned by science.”

Michael Rosengren, COO, KJM Consulting

“Toni is a consummate story teller – people stop and listen. There is humour, sadness, honesty and passion in her presentations.”

Martine Rimmer – Facilitator, Qld Police Service, Brisbane


“All in all, Toni’s workshop is like having heart surgery – you feel like a new and different person afterwards – and its life changing – and life giving.” 

Rod Hopping, Director – Heritage HM

“I loved that this was not a pumped-up “motivational” style presentation, but rather low-key, simple and (frankly) quite beautiful.  You kept my attention for the whole day. The sharing of your personal story Toni made the information and wisdom you had to share immeasurably more meaningful/powerful/acceptable.”

Matt Parr, Audioligist, Hear and Say

“An honest, challenging and triumphant celebration of how we can powerfully change our own lives for the better.”

              Kylie Readman – Director  Centre for Support and Advancement of Learning & Teaching,
Sunshine Coast University.