What A Feeling, Yellow Car and Squishy


The Yellow Car book:

This delightfully illustrated book uses an entertaining fusion of wisdom, humour, self-help and parable to deliver a unique way to deal with stress and worry.  A delightful read that drives home the keys to happiness.

A true story starring one little car, one simple concept and an unforgettable life change.

Squishy yellow car:

A reminder of the lessons in the book for your desk


Includes FREE postage

The What a Feeling book:

What a Feeling! Finding love, freedom and the good life through creating great relationships

This is a surprising relationship book about the stuff that really matters. If you’re after better relationships and want to experience more of the good life then this is the book for you.

This eye-opening and entertaining book pulls no punches and will completely change your understanding of yourself and others.

It answers every question you’ve ever asked after a failed relationship and gives you simple, practical ways to build stronger, happier relationships with everyone you know.


Includes FREE postage



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