Toni Powell – Keynote speaker


Irreverent storyteller, author, recovering worrywart and subject of ABC’s Australian Story. Sharing transformational stories in her famously entertaining and cheeky style


“Toni’s workshop is highly entertaining and its content is life changing.”

Christine Buschmann – Consultant, Sunshine Coast



If you’re looking for a speaker with a difference, one who engages both the heart and the mind, one who fills the room with laughter while leaving audiences with simple tools that reduce stress, worry and depression – then look no further.


Toni Powell is who you need.


Toni is a born speaker (the only award she won in all her school years was for public speaking) who shares transformational stories and insights an open, funny and totally engaging way.



“The amazing research and insightful storytelling worked together seamlessly, this workshop is fantastic.”

Patrick Toohey – Assistant Principal, Siena Catholic College



What people are saying about Toni Powell:


  • “Excellent, Inspired, loved it. Exactly the wake up call I need as a husband and father and corporate leader. I want to ‘infect’ our business with gratitude.”

    Andrew Fisher, Head of HR, BHP Billiton Asset Group – BMC
  • “Completely infectious, inspiring and motivating. Loved every moment.  Thank you.”


    Chloe Mossman, HR Business Partner, BMC (BHP Billiton Asset Group)
  • “A brilliant, funny and engaging presenter,Toni shares the latest research about the power of gratitude and will have you enthralled from beginning to end”



    Petrea King, CEO & Founder, Quest for Life Foundation
  • “I loved that this was not a pumped-up “motivational” style presentation, but rather low-key, simple and (frankly) quite beautiful.  You kept my attention for the whole day. The sharing of your personal story Toni made the information and wisdom you had to share immeasurably more meaningful/powerful/acceptable.”

    Matt Parr – Audioligist – Hear and Say
  • “Thank you Toni, the day was inspiring and enjoyable, thank you for sharing your message in such a down to earth and unique way, it will stay with me as l share it with my family and staff, your presentation makes me believe anything is possible.

    on makes me believe anything is possible.”

    Christine McLennan, Manager Australia Post
  • “I would love to have made it mandatory for all my staff.”

    Marilyn Bradford, Divisional Administrator- University of Alberta

Keynote addresses and staff development days

Toni runs much loved workplace training programs in Government Departments, large corporates and has now developed a popular School Inservice series.

Entertaining and life-changing keynotes are her specialty.

Toni is available for workshops, keynotes and conferences.

Topics include:


The Yellow Car – How to stop driving yourself crazy

The Yellow Car – How to stop driving yourself crazy is the title of Toni’s new book

Late one night a yellow car drove into Toni’s  life and changed it. In a suburban street she had a profound epiphany that altered forever how she deals with anxiety and stress. This funny and powerful story is loved by audiences who leave with a brilliant simple tool to change their lives – it’s also the basis of a wonderful longer session or workshop on how to deal with anxiety.


Gratitude, Happiness & Contentment

Gratitude is the astonishingly easy way to change most areas of your life. Supported by years of in-depth research into the science behind this powerful practice. Audiences are entertained and surprised to find gratitude is not what they thought it was. Contentment and happiness go hand in hand with gratitude though can be addressed as separate topics if needed.


The Power of Words

Toni’s engaging and powerful TEDx talk is the basis for her keynote on how words affect what we think, see and feel. Our words impact our relationships and our own emotional wellbeing.


Creating More Enjoyable Relationships

With everyone you know!

Happily married for 38 years Toni has interesting, hilarious, and poignant insights into what it takes to make relationships work.

Some of the events Toni has been invited to speak at include:

CPA – Melbourne, Sydney & Canberra, Oct 2017

Institute of Positive Education – Insight series, Geelong, July 2017

CPA – Brisbane, June 2017

Happiness & Its Causes – Sydney, June 2017

QUT Techlite Conference – Brisbane, Nov 2016

The Positive Schools Conference – Perth, June 2016

The Positive Schools Conference – Brisbane, May 2016

Standing Beside You Conference – Carer’s Week, Brisbane, 2015

Better Choices, Better Life, Better World Conference, Sunshine Coast, October, 2015

Happiness and It’s Causes June 1015, Luna Park, Sydney

Brisbane Writer’s Festival Inspire Happiness event June 2014

Connect 14 Media Conference May 2014

Darling Downs Health & Wellbeing Symposium Feb 2014

Happiness and its Causes – June 2013, Melbourne

Happiness and Its Causes Roadshow – Nov 2013, Brisbane

Wired for Wonder – July 2013, Sydney

TedX Noosa –  April 2013, Noosa

Pathways to Gratefulness – June 2012, San Francisco

University of Alberta –  July 2012,  Edmonton