Learn about the wonder-drug that’s more powerful than you can imagine.

This is an exciting program full of engaging, science-based content and simple, easy, practices that have an impact in almost every area of life.

As teachers and school leaders begin to understand and practice gratitude the flow-on to those around them, including students, is profound.

While gratitude is the central theme this workshop is broad and covers many life skills that, when understood and practiced, contribute to resilience; reduce depression, anxiety and stress; improve brain function and also significantly improve physical health. As a tool to increase the brain’s ability to learn there is nothing quite as effective as gratitude and this skill is something every teacher will want to pass on to their students.

Drawing from real life experience and years of research I’ll help expand your staff’s understanding of what gratitude actually is, what happiness is (and how to access it immediately) and how these everyday terms can quickly surprise us with their ability to impact every area of our lives from the health of our immune system to the health of our relationships.

Outcomes include:

staff retention, improved relationships, happier workplace, less complaint and criticism, less stress and depression as well as increased productivity and accelerated learning.



This unique and unexpected workshop takes attendees on a journey that starts with Harvard’s research into what makes life worth living (good relationships) and moves on to how the brain sees, how memory works and then through to the fascinating areas of why we think we’re right and how, not only don’t we really understand why others do things, we barely understand our own motives.

This science gives a solid basis for all the practices and wisdom to come and allows people to see their own role in relationship breakdown. Behaviours that are considered normal are often, unwittingly, very destructive and attendees leave with great tools to build trust and improve every relationship they have.

This is a raw, open, honest class that has people laughing one minute and in tears the next. Highly engaging and packed with practical solutions.


Outcomes include:

higher levels of courtesy, increased trust, less gossip, increased kindness, increased job satisfaction, less bullying, calmer problem solving.



Or another name for this workshop could be ‘How to Stress Less and Enjoy More’

With stress, anxiety and depression being some of the key issues faced by staff and their students these days finding ways to combat these issues becomes imperative.

My speciality is making complex science easily understood and delivering incredibly simple tools that can be used and understood by almost anyone over the age of eight.

A mix of cutting edge science and personal stories this riveting workshop will leave your school a much calmer place. The beauty of my suggested practices is that they can be easily passed on to the students.


Outcomes include:

less stress leave, calmer and happier staff, techniques being passed on to students, increased flexibility in thinking and problem solving, better relationships.



This evening or weekend session for parents is an eye-opener. Toni gives a solid scientific argument for why we need to have more harmonious relationships and shows the effects that stress and tension (especially relationship) have on the development of a child’s brain.

Toni delivers a very profound and challenging workshop in a way that is fun, memorable and wholly practical. It is an evening full of science and ‘aha’ moments that can lead to quite dramatic change in how parents cope with family life.

Parents leave with tools to improve their own happiness and relationships and thus improve the environment their children grow up in.

A must for all parents.


Outcomes include:

 happier home life for kids, less stressed and anxious children, happier parents