Testimonials – They like us!


All these testimonials, and many more not included were given, scouts honour, without putting a gun to anyone’s head or even paying them large amounts of money. More than that, they are from actual living human beings….   makes us happy just to read them!


I was someone looking at the poo in my life & engaging with the whingers and whiners – honestly, my life has changed! I feel the Day Class was a fork in the road of my life journey. Now I have my training wheels on, they fall off multiple times a day and I find myself clambering through the bush to the whinging path. But these training wheels are magic- in an instant I’m back on the gratitude path. Mid thought, mid sentence, cheeky Toni’s face (or often one of her grandchildren from the slide presentation) pops up into my vision like an angel!

I’m converted hallelujah!  

Leaf Jane Buzolic – physiotherapist


“Excellent, Inspired, loved it. Exactly the wake up call I need as a husband and father and corporate leader. I want to ‘infect’ our business with gratitude.”

Andrew Fisher, Head of HR, BMC (BHP Billiton Asset Group)



“If you want to give your staff a real treat of a day then Toni Powell needs to be on top of your list.
I have known and worked with Toni as a filmmaker and as someone who provided an excellent day program to our staff on the value and power of gratitude. This day was transformative for our staff and highly valued by everyone who participated.

Toni brings a ‘can do’ attitude to everything she embarks upon. The combination of her attitude, knowledge and experience is enlightening and inspiring and she conveys her information effortlessly. I can highly recommend her in any arena in need of staff development or documentary making. I look forward to our next opportunity of working together.”

Petrea King – Founder of Quest for Life Foundation


“I would love to have made it mandatory for all my staff.”

Marilyn Bradford, Divisional Administrator- University of Alberta

“Was not a marketing or selling of a concept, it was a palette, a brush and paint and the choice to do something. Very personal, humbling and thought provoking. A smorgasboard of real life, relatable concepts and ideas but underpinned by science.”

Michael Rosengren, Asset President, BMC (BHP Billiton Asset Group)


“This couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I was towards the end of a 2 year work project, working long hours, feeling pretty unappreciated both at work and at home, very flat. Overnight I felt a weight had been lifted. The next morning after the workshop I woke up feeling blessed to work for a company that could provide me with such opportunity and challenges, feeling lucky to be able to be involved at a level where I was making a difference. I cuddled my kids and was happy to be making their lunches for school and planning what to make for dinner that night. I was grateful that I had a reliable car to drive to the train station in and that the train was on time and that my commute time gave me some time to read a book on my way to work. All of the things that I previously thought were hard work or frustrating became blessings. It was truly remarkable.” 

Kristi Taylor BMC Human Resources, Metallurgical Coal (BHP Billiton Asset Group)


“Its easy to come to work each day with a clock in, clock out mentality. The focus on being grateful I believe has resulted in a deeper level of care and passion for what we do, for our customers and for our products. I guess its best summed up for me when I look at the enthusiasm levels since the seminar and there has been a noticeable increase.”

Rod Hopping Director Heritage Hm International Film Distribution.



“It’s an important message, that life happens and it’s our focus that decides if we’re going to embrace it or waste it. It was awesome – thanks Bernadine for the invite!”

Sherry Toronchuk, Medical Education Program Coordinator, University of Alberta


“Completely infectious, inspiring and motivating. I loved every moment. Thank you.”

Chloe Mossman HR Business Partner BMC (BHP Billiton Asset Group)


“If this workshop was given in primary schools there would be world peace.”

Petrea King Founder – Quest for Life


“This workshop has been inspiring for our team that attended. To see the changes in our conversation and written communications has been truly encouraging and something that I am personally very grateful for.” 

Gavin Keats National Sales Manager, Network Communications


“Enlightening, lovely, intimate and surprising with humour.”

Paul Smetano, Author, Be Touched by Life


“Time went very quickly – very good thing; Enjoyed it and was engaged – excellent thing; Will help my life and therefore others – best thing of all.”

Louella Gratham Smith – Quest for Life


“Lovely, hearty, inspirational, honest.”

St John Miall, Director, Keep Evolving


“I knew something was missing from my life, but had no idea what it was. It turns out it was gratitude. I had reached an all time low point and gratitude is not only getting me back to where I was, I know it is taking me somewhere I have only dreamed of.”

Charis Hinton- Bayre, Public evnet attendee


“I found the alternative ways to think, and how to view things positively to enlighten my life particularly effective. I felt it was sensational.”

Barbara Bourgeois, Public event attendee


“Thank you for all you have done, the content of your daily emails was amazing really uplifting and thought provoking. I intend to continue on this path and continue carrying around my camera and journal. I have actually saved a copy of the challenge on my computer and love occasional scrolling through the past 30 days to see what and why I captured certain things each day.”

Sarah McNeice Project Administrator BHP Billiton|Wards Well Project


“It was unexpected. It was not like any workshop I’ve been to before. It was more like a life session rather than a workshop.”

Kathy Weedon HSEC Principle Advisor Systems BMC (BHP Billiton Asset Group) 



“I want everyone I know to attend”

Ella Cemeron, SPSA QLD


“Came in with doubts, thinking it would be cute and I’d just go along with it. It was anything but.”

Adam Husband, Heritage HM


“All in all, the Gratitude Life Class is like having heart surgery – you feel like a new and different person afterwards – and its life changing – and life giving.” 

Rod Hopping, Director – Heritage HM


“It was brilliant, refreshing, humorous, lovely…. I loved it”

Sarah Turner


“The workshop is profound and professional, inspiring and life changing and empowering. I’m excited.” 

Diane Priestly, Public event attendee – Journalist, London


“Funny, real and stirring, I am challenged by the simplicity of gratitude and its profound implications for pervading all areas of life. I feel like I have been given a big fat serving of hope.”

Esther Bently, Public Event Attendee – Midwife, Nambour


“Well run. Toni was very engaging. Her brutal honesty was very refreshing and impacting. She is a great teacher and communicator of important ideas. The 30 Day follow up made sure the ideas became flesh and I found them to be a lifeline to joy.”         

Aaron Nebauer, Public Event Attendee – Musician, Brisbane


“I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is about your workshop that sets it apart. I have read a lot about the “stuff” that you refer to and I have read a lot of books on the “power of positive thinking”. Books written by Drs with fancy degrees and books written by famous religious leaders. But there is something in the way you have managed to sum it all up and deliver it in an entertaining and inspiring 6 hrs that is truly awesome and powerful.”

Michelle Scally – Sunshine Coast