Geoff Dick – Regional Manager Commercial, Westpac, Sunshine Coast

“Toni worked briefly with our leadership team. The effect was profound. A year later 50% of my team had still made long lasting changes to the way they relate.”

Dr Kylie Readman – Pro Vice Chancellor, Murdoch University

“Toni’s program is an honest, challenging and triumphant celebration of how we can powerfully change our own lives for the better.”

Umesh Sharma – Academic Head Psychology, Monash University

“It was a fantastic, stimulating and well informed workshop. Staff members found Toni’s workshop was of very high quality – it has made a difference in the way we work with each other. Toni presents using very powerful images, her own experiences and the relevant research to support the key ideas.”

Troy Ascott – Principal, Coolum State High

“Toni’s work calms anxiety, heals wounds, fixes broken relationships. It has the power to transform school staff to create more sharing, more caring, happier and healthier workplaces.”

Chloe Mossman – HR Business Partner, BHP Billiton

“Completely infectious, inspiring and motivating. Loved every moment.  Thank you.”  

Emma Clarke, Deputy Principal, Coolum State High School

“Our work with Toni has healed fractures within the culture of the school and our continued work as executive leaders has helped us work more positively and productively together as a team. It is challenging work. It is vulnerable work, but the results and the transformation of behaviours for everyone who is working with Toni has been amazing.”

Kylie Anderson – Deputy Principal, Cannonvale State School

I first enrolled in this course to help my team with anxiety during Covid. Little did I know that I was about to change my own life and well-being as I learnt the secret to happiness on my journey to support others. As a leader I use the practical suggestions from the course to understand what is important and how best to approach problems in a calm and positive way.”

Maree Cribbes – Campus Principal, Wodonga Middle Years College

“The learning I had during this course about myself personally and about the behaviours of others was phenomenal. I was encouraged to read more widely and challenge my own thoughts and beliefs. I truly appreciate the work Toni has put into developing this course and feel that I am a better leader, friend, wife, mother and colleague as a result!”

Jane Wescott, Principal, Treeby Primary

“My participation in Toni’s program was incredibly beneficial. l learned such simple things that have permeated, without effort, every area of my life. The joyous balance of humour, real-life examples and honest reflection made the program a highlight of my week.”

Steph McDonald, Director, Leadership Institute, Dept of Education, WA

“Thank you Toni, your program is beautifully sophisticated in design and so gentle and non-judgemental in delivery. It provides a very safe vehicle to engage with life changing introspection.”

Claire Brown, Director AVID Program (Vic Uni)

“The course was pragmatic, fun, funny, poignant, and learning was reinforced with significant research-informed material giving credibility to Toni’s practical delivery. All the principals agree that this course has increased our emotional intelligence and equipped us with strategies that are extremely valuable in navigating complex relationships that occur within and outside of schools.
I cannot recommend Toni Powell highly enough and will be happy to speak with anyone considering working with Toni. I look forward to working with Toni again.”

Anthony Swan, Deputy Principal, Coolum State High School

“From a whole school perspective Toni’s involvement has been transformational in regards to morale and wellbeing. Within our leadership team, our improved focused on our approach/actions and the effect it has on our staff has resulted in a harmonious team working together to achieve excellent outcomes.”

Darryl Diment – Principal, Ocean Grove Primary

“Simply the best professional learning day that I have been to.”

Petrea King –  Author, Speaker, CEO & Founder at ‘Quest for Life Foundation’

“If you want to give your staff a real treat of a day then Toni Powell needs to be on top of your list. This day was transformative for our staff and highly valued by everyone who participated. The class is compelling. Toni is a brilliant and engaging storyteller, her authenticity and passion shines through everything she…

Peter Middleton – IT industry,  Brisbane

”One year down the track I now know that what I learned at Toni’s class has changed so many areas of my life, it is crazy. What she teaches about is like a wonder-drug, it’s magic, everyone should do this course!” 

Natasha Dinek, Treasure Books, Melbourne

I simply cannot even begin to explain how much my world has changed since doing the course. It helped me open my eyes and invite all the good into my life. felt like someone slapped me in the face, like someone WOKE ME UP!

Marilyn Bradford, Divisional Administrator, University of Alberta

“I would love to have made it mandatory for all my staff.” 

Amber Kerrigan – Regional Youth Support Coordinator, Department of Education

“Toni delivered a workshop to our team that connected and resonated with all involved. Toni’s message is delivered with humour, insightfulness and solid evidence based foundations.  Her workshops are practical and inspiring.  My team walked away with a renewed sense of hope and an increased belief in their ability to build resilience”

Matt Smith – Coordinator of Student Wellbeing Programs, Brisbane Grammar School

“To embrace a life worth living, to flourish in every facet of life, attend this course. A truly transcendent experience!”

Patrick Toohey – Assistant Principal, Siena Catholic College

“The amazing research and insightful storytelling worked together seamlessly, this class is fantastic.”

Michael Rosengren – Asset President (then), BHP Billiton

“Was not a marketing or selling of a concept, it was a palette, a brush and paint and the choice to do something. Very personal, humbling and thought provoking. A smorgasboard of real life, relatable concepts and ideas but underpinned by science.”

Nisha Iyer – CPA Conferences

”Toni has the unique ability to connect with people of all levels and combines examples, humour and high energy to convey her message, while consistently receives outstanding feedback from delegates who attend her sessions.”

Ben Lee – Songwriter and Musician

“With humour and self-deprecation, Toni Powell teaches us a new mantra to turn to when our molehills start feeling like mountains.”

Siobhan Barter – Editor, Brisbane

“Brilliant, funny, wise – the science blew me away!”

Shawn Achor, New York Times bestselling author of The Happiness Advantage

“Playful and important, The Yellow Car reminds us that we can constantly choose how to perceive and respond to the world. Powell puts us back in the driver’s seat instead of letting our fears drive.”

Chip Conley – Bestselling Author of ‘Emotional Equations’, Hospitality Entrepreneur

“Insightful, freeing and funny, I loved The Yellow Car.”

Saskia Bermeister – Actor

“Toni’s class is brave, enlightening and fun. It brightened my life.”  

Kamille Andres – HR Assistant, Makati City Philippines

“I saw your Ted talk about love – instead of seeing the wrong in people, look for the good. Today was tough, I had a fight with my friend, your talk made me realise that some of it was my fault too, not entirely his. Your wonderful talk had a huge impact on me.”

Kelly McCosker – ExecutiveLink Manager, RCS

“We were thrilled with our decision to invite Toni Powell as our guest speaker. Our clients described Toni as excellent, brilliant, engaging and with messages both relevant and important. She delivered her presentation with wonderful energy and charisma. The entire group enjoyed participating and remained interested throughout. Our clients took away profound new perspectives and…

Christine McLennan – Manager, Australia Post

“Thank you Toni, the day was inspiring and enjoyable, thank you for sharing your message in such a down to earth and unique way, it will stay with me as l share it with my family and staff, your presentation makes me believe anything is possible. on makes me believe anything is possible.”

Sam Dewhurst – Strategist, Monostory, Sydney

“The knock at the door that should have unraveled me was greeted with gratitude thanks to Toni. Her Gratitude Adventure Course was so good for the mind, the heart and while scientifically based it can all be practically applied… It’s an investment that will last a lifetime.”

Sue Ferguson – Sydney chiropractor

“Her simple tasks and everyday suggestions are so easy to follow that without needing to make life shattering changes, step by step the changes happen anyway. We all loved Toni’s workshop and everyone took tools away that bit by bit have resulted significant life changes.”

Prof Barbara Fredrickson – NYT Bestselling author of Positivity and Love 2.0

“With a clever mix of insight, imagery, and humour, The Yellow Car drives home the keys to happiness.”

Andrew Fisher – Head of HR, BHP Billiton, Singapore

“Excellent, Inspired, loved it. Exactly the wake up call I need as a husband and father and corporate leader. I want to ‘infect’ our business with what Toni teaches.”

Rod Hopping – Director, Heritage HM

“All in all, Toni’s workshop is like having heart surgery – you feel like a new and different person afterwards – and its life changing – and life giving.” 

Gavin Keats – National Sales Manager, Network Communications

“This workshop has been inspiring for our team that attended. To see the changes in our conversation and written communications has been truly encouraging and something that I am personally very grateful for.”

Leaf Jane Buzolic – Physiotherapist

“Honestly, my life has changed! I feel Toni’s workshop was a fork in the road of my life journey.”

Cheryl Spring – Teacher Aide, Woombye

“What I learned today has given me a deeper understanding of not only my relationships with my loved ones, friends and colleagues, but also with my myself.”

Tony Barry – Actor and Activist, Byron Bay

“Toni’s quietly powerful and insightful teaching comes with a deep compassionate appreciation of the human condition. She warmly and generously shares her insights and wisdom in this rich and rewarding workshop.”

Martine Rimmer – Facilitator, Qld Police Service, Brisbane

“Toni is a consummate story teller – people stop and listen. There is humour, sadness, honesty and passion in her presentations.”

Eric Handler – Co-Founder of

‘Whimsical and insightful… a true personal growth story that will have you question the small stuff and never, ever look at a yellow car the same way again.’

Jan Bramley – Nurse, Tinbeerwah

“A great day that reminds you how precious your relationships are and how important your contribution is to the relationships success.”

Amy Ratcliffe – Social Media Super Star, Events, QLD

“Today I got so much out of the relationship workshop personally and professionally. So many things that I needed to to be reminded of and also so many things I had never considered. I loved that you were honest about yourself and your quirks.”

Sean Andrews – Opera Singer

“Kapow!  We started off the day with a bang and it just kept coming.  What an amazing insight into relationships in general.  Skills and stories that you can carry into every relationship.  Thanks Toni!”

Dr Alanda Thompson – Clinical Psychologist, Sunshine Coast

“Toni is a great storyteller and weaves helpful evidence based strategies into an enjoyable package that gets the message down with plenty of honey.”

Diane Jackson – Holistic Counsellor, Noosa

“The Relationship Lifeclass is a truly fun, life changing workshop. It is treasure of life tools to carry with you always. A must do for all.”

Andrew Jenkinson – Teacher, Brisbane

“A very good relationship class!  You covered so much content in an entertaining yet personal and informative way.”

Jeremy Boller – MD, Risk Consultant, Brisbane

“Light, to the point and heartfelt.”

Vanessa Williams – Sales Executive, Brisbane

“The Relationship Class is confronting, but I was ready to open my mind to learn how I can better myself and my relationships. I loved the honesty. I loved the compassion.”

Leesa Herman – Naturopath, Go Vita, Brisbane

“Honest ‘down to earth’ achievable practical, great advice and tips in a well researched relationship class.”

Tracy Jenkinson – Wellbeing Co-ordinator, St Lucia State School, Brisbane

“Love it, Love, Love it!  Don’t change a thing in the Relationship Life Class.”

DR Michele Hill – Psychologist, Sunshine Coast

“Toni gives an entertaining and honest look at relationships…why they can be so hard and some simple ways to make them better. A great mix of anecdotes, research, fun, moving short films and practical exercises. A great workshop for anyone to attend.”

Hayden Bennet – Carpenter, Brisbane

“Wow, the stand that Toni makes for world change in relationships makes me want to be more accountable for changing the world too. Keep up the awesome job.”

Jono Fisher, Founder of the Kindness Cards &

‘This wise little book reminds us of what really matters. A delightful read!’

Dora Luxton Principal – Assisi Catholic College

“In our Year of Gratitude at Assisi Catholic College, Toni’s presentation delivered so many positive messages which were entertaining and inspiring.  As a staff, we were challenged to be ever grateful and to see the inevitable challenges of life as opportunities for growth.”

Annie Grossman – Annie’s Books Peregian

“The Yellow Car is a wise, funny yet powerful little treasure – we know it will go the way of other classics such as “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”!

Jayne Hoffman – Teacher 33 Years, NSW Public High School

“I wish I had attended whilst still teaching. One thing that really sticks out to me is, you help to build resilience in people. This adds a new dimension to developing the whole person – a more satisfied, resilient and happier individual leading to a better society.”

Leigh Inglis – Principal, Tennyson Special School

“A totally engaging day that taught me simple skills I’ve already found very effective in the classroom.”

Karen Hopping – School Psychologist, Our Lady of the Rosary, Sunshine Coast

“In this age of technology and instant gratification, children appear to lack the ability to be ‘present in the moment’. Learning the art of gratefulness is an essential part of good mental health. Schools are an ideal place to introduce the concept of gratefulness, as they are still forming habits and consolidating neural pathways. Toni’s…

Petrea King – Bestselling Author

“A brilliant, funny and engaging presenter,Toni shares the latest research about the power of gratitude and will have you enthralled from beginning to end”    

Jane Wilmott – Workshop Atttendee

“Thank you Toni, the day was quite impacting for me, you have an amazing presence when you are in front of a group, and a fantastic sense of humour (right up my alley).”

Matt Parr – Audiologist, Hear and Say

“I loved that this was not a pumped-up “motivational” style presentation, but rather low-key, simple and (frankly) quite beautiful.  You kept my attention for the whole day. The sharing of your personal story Toni made the information and wisdom you had to share immeasurably more meaningful/powerful/acceptable.”

Sarah McNeice – BHP-Billiton

“Thank you for all you have done, the content of your Adventure Course was amazing really uplifting and thought provoking.”

Michelle Scally – Brisbane, Australia

“The course is invaluable. Knowing myself as well as I do, there was no doubt that I was going to need Toni’s lessons to help keep me on track and focused. The Adventure Course is a stroke of brilliance!”

Petrea King – A CEO & Founder Quest for Life Foundation

“In Toni’s workshop you’ll learn more about yourself and the power of a grateful heart than you can possibly imagine, the class is compelling. Toni is a brilliant and engaging storyteller, her authenticity and passion shines through everything she does.”

Mark Nebauer – Writer & Musician, Brisbane

“Toni is dangerous. If you want your life to stay as it is, stop listening to what she has to say.”  

Prof Tim Sharp – aka Dr Happy

“Sometimes the simplest stories make the most powerful points; and this is certainly true of The Yellow Car. What a great message for us all to heed!”