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The Great Full Life Class

A transformative online course



Stop being controlled by situations, difficulties and other people’s stuff

Stop self-doubt & regret from ruining your life

Stop doing the thing that is destroying your happiness



Start gaining control over anxiety, depression, stress and fear

Start experiencing the sort of life you’ve longed for

Start understanding the secret to happiness


being happier is easier than you think

Check out what James has to say in the video


James Debenham

Technical Specialist

QUT, Brisbane

reduce stress and anxiety • learn to laugh at your worries

By the end of this engaging and enlightening course you’ll:

Be making massive changes to your life with relatively little effort.

Understand the secret to happiness and use this knowledge to make dramatic impact on every day to come

Have skills that will help you improve all your relationships

Be much more resilient even in very challenging or painful situations

Feel more ‘in control’ of your life and be less afraid of the future

Have confidence in your own ability to to positively influence the lives of others

significantly raise your happiness levels • gain increased satisfaction immediately

Attendees of this course have described it as:



So tell me more about this course

  • Six weekly modules
  • Lifetime access – learn at your own pace
  • Videos are short, entertaining & visually stimulating
  • Multiple short videos each week.
  • Weekly reminder email
  • Sum Up video each week with overview of concepts
  • Happiness guarantee within 14 days of purchase


Toni Powell is a storyteller, author, keynote speaker and wake-up artist.

Her most exceptional skill is being able to take big complex subjects and distil them into memorable stories with very simple and practical takeaways. Toni is in demand at companies like Westpac, Allianz and Lion Co. Universities hire her to educate their psychologists and big events, such as Happiness & Its Causes, love to have Toni share her hilarious and eye-opening keynotes.

Toni is passionate about sharing simple solutions to life’s toughest problems.

Toni is also a past subject of ABC’s Australian Story, a TEDx speaker and an award winning filmmaker.

Only $699 AUD to change each of your days to come

I want to change my life!

‘It’s amazing…’

‘I am loving the course it is amazing.. I haven’t finished it yet though, think I have one or two left.. I think I haven’t finished them just so it’s not over haha. I won’t lie I had lost hope on anything out there to help me, but your free webinar was so so so good, it would of been stupid not to of done the course.. It all felt like it happened for a reason. I’ve read a lot of self help books, and like you said before they only tell you so much and get you so far. They don’t hit the nail on the head like your videos do..’

Paige Wright

‘My life is richer…’

‘I have really enjoyed the series.  I could tell that you put a lot of effort and thought into presenting the material.  I like how there is such a variety of practical exercises.  This allows ‘something for everyone’!  I also think that one of the attractions is that you are so very personable and use your own experiences to relate points.  My life is richer for taking the course and as a consequence, I like to think that other lives that I touch are richer as a result too.’

Judy Skalicky, Cairns

If you want the magic bullet to change your life for the better then this course is for you

I want to change my life!