Toni’s TEDx talk – The Power of Words

Beware there is a little bit of swearing!


  1. Profoundly impactful Toni, really makes me think about ways I have spoken in the past, even just in jest. I will be much more mindful of the words I use in the future, especially to those I love.

  2. This is so touching. True love. How his understanding, compassion and devotion healed your pain and fear of intimacy. Thanks Toni. This is inspiring and hopeful.

  3. ha ha thanks for sharing that video and well done you two!! good work and hope you enjoy another 40 years! whoa that sounds amazing doesn’t it .. enjoying your book its like reading the best bits of 100 books at once thanks for sharing big hugs G xx

  4. I love your honesty Toni, so lovely to hear your story…..
    You have one in a million, but then I believe you are too!

  5. loved your story!! thanks for sharing this! Your very lucky to have found your angel, happy for you! Ur one inspiring shinning lady.

  6. My darling,

    Thank You for sharing your story ๐Ÿ™‚ Today you were an angel ( I can see clear now).
    Keep going !

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