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Why The Yellow Car book?

Last June I was speaking at The Brisbane Writer’s Festival event ‘Inspire Happiness’. As I left the stage the owner of a well known bookshop rushed over and told me that The Yellow Car story in book form would have enormous appeal for all sorts of people. I agreed then and there to write it.



Insightful Freeing and funny. I loved the yellow car. quote Chip Conley New York Times Best seller - author of Emotional Equations


The book begins –

This is the story of what happened

That night I learnt a gorgeously simple lesson that’s had a huge impact on my life. I’d been driving myself crazy with my worries about what people thought, what might happen, what someone had said or done. I went over and over past hurts in my mind, and then complained about them to my friends. I was often anxious, easily stressed and overwhelmed.

That little yellow car taught me to stop driving myself crazy so, of course, I’ve been talking about it ever since…

As a speaker, I’m given the opportunity to tell the story to all sorts of audiences and I’ve seen, again and again, the ripple effect of that car. The simple concept is easily grabbed by anyone who hears the story  – and then used to make their own life happier.

I wrote this book to bring balance to the impact of the curve balls, bad news, deadlines, difficult people, busy-ness, stress, fears, worries and challenges of life – for everyone . This isn’t about a practice, or something that I have to do or ‘work’ on – I simply remember the story and perspective is restored.

This short funny book, a mere seven minute read, will ripple laughter, tranquility and a good deal of lightheartedness as it travels. This Kickstarter is a brilliant way of getting yourself a copy of the book with loads of added bonuses.



A simple whimsical story becomes a powerful mirror. a quote by Eric Handler - Positvely

multiple images of the illustration process for the Yellow Car book