The Happiness Page




In no particular order I’ve listed some of things that will help you stay a bit happier on your journey.I’ll add to this list as I find helpful things.

TED TALK: Robert Waldinger talks about Harvard’s Grant Study that I mentioned in the first chapter. A great talk. Click pic

This is my online video class all about having a more wonderful rich life. Created with a great deal of love this video course is personal, intimate and full of wonderful ways to change your thinking. You have TWELVE MONTHS access to view in your own time at your own pace.

TWO OPTIONS: Do the online component only OR contact me to be informed when the next coached version is coming up.

The course comes with lots of additional links and inspiring material. Click PIC to access the website.

TED TALK:  Mattieu Ricard’s wonderful talk on The Habits of Happiness. Click pic

HAPPINESS & ITS CAUSES Youtube channel. We have an amazing conference on happiness and wellness in Australia called Happiness and Its causes.. Their Youtube channel has so many great short talks. Just keep pressing LOAD MORE at the bottom and MORE keep coming. You’ll find some by me there as well. Click the pic to access!

THE GRATITUDE ADVENTURE – A 90 day email program that I created to help people make the small shifts needed to start seeing the world differently. One email every three days with one 10 minute adventure for you to do. There are loads of other resources in each email should you want them. Click pic

TED TALK: One of my favourite TED talks – by the wonderful Shawn Achor. The Happy Secret to Better Work

TED TALK: Brother David Steindl-Rast is the world’s leading proponent of gratitude and also one of the main players in inter-faith issues. Truly an inspiring man who has influenced me so much. Check out his gorgeous talk on gratitude. If You Want To Be Happy Be Grateful

Lift your mood with a daily dose of good and inspiring news. Click the pic

TED TALK: Dan Gilbert looks at The Surprising Science of Happiness

WHAT A FEELING! BOOKLIST: You’ll find lots of books on happiness in my booklist. Check it out by clicking the pic.