Coaching With Toni


Ready to ditch the old patterns and stop going round and round that same old mountain?

If you’d like to have some help forging a new path then you’re in the right place.

Yellow Car Coaching has come about because people keep asking me if there is an option to talk one-on-one with me.


The answer is “Yes, there is.”


I love getting on a call and helping sort out the tangles in your life –

it seems I have a real knack for knots.


You might need help with some Yellow Cars, you may be struggling to find the gift in a situation.

You might need assistance with perspective or focus or be having some relationship nightmares …

these are all areas I can help you with.


I recommend you start with one session as it’s quite likely that will be all you need.


Should you want to have more sessions I can arrange to deduct the amount already paid from the three session price.

When you sign up you’ll get an email asking for details about your location and your preferred possible time of day to talk.

Then I’ll get back to you with a few options and away we go. Ideally the calls take place on Skype so we can see each other.

For Australians I can offer the option of a phone call if that is preferred.


Due to other commitments I am only able take on a few clients a month.

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